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Larger Cruise Ships Increase Potential For Onboard Injury

Larger Cruise Ships Increase Potential For Onboard Injury

Over the past three decades, cruise liners have more than quadrupled in size and increased exponentially in popularity. Today, there’s more interest in going on cruise vacations and more pressure to include top-quality entertainment, shopping and dining. But, with so much more space and activity aboard modern cruise ships, the possibility for passenger injury has also increased because larger ships are notoriously difficult to keep safe.

How A Bigger Ship Equals More Potential For Injury

1. More Thrilling and Dangerous Activities

In an effort to stay current and attract larger crowds, cruise ships have begun offering onboard surfing, giant water slides and high-risk sports. These unusual activities may lead to more injuries, especially when passengers participate in them unsupervised.

2. Increase In Criminal Activity

Larger cruise ships offer more space to wander, as well as larger crowds, allowing criminals to blend in easily. What’s more, larger vessels contain many more secluded areas, giving criminals a multitude of ideal spaces in which to commit crimes.

3. A Greater Chance Of Slip-And-Fall Accidents

With more ground to cover, larger ship sizes make slip-and-fall accidents more likely. The distance from one area to the next also heightens the possibility security measures will be lacking, and obstructions and spills will remain on floors longer.


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Posted By: Debra Murray

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