Drone Injury Cases

The use of drones is increasing throughout the United States and this rise will continue. There are many benefits that businesses have yielded through this increase in drone use. These benefits include the reduced risk of injury in certain professions. Roof inspectors no longer having to climb onto roofs is one example of this. But […]

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How a TBI Claim Is Impacted By Whether the Injury is Open or Closed

A blow to the head of any kind can have a serious impact on your life. Injuries from head trauma can range from a mild concussion to long-lasting and debilitating brain damage. Cases involving traumatic brain injury (TBI) must be taken seriously. This means that if you have suffered a blow to the head of […]

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Liability for Youth Sports Injuries

Participation in sports leagues in Florida are a healthy activity for children.  They learn competitive skills, how to interact with others, how to win and lose, and they learn how to play a fun activity they can enjoy for the rest of their lives.  But what happens when they are injured at one of their […]

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How Much Does It Cost to Hire Personal Injury Lawyer in Florida?

Is It Ever “Free” to Hire an Attorney? You hear plenty of advertisements for personal injury lawyers on TV and radio about how an attorney will offer you a “free, no obligation consultation,” or that the attorney does not get paid “unless they recover money for you.”  Is it actually true? The short answer is […]

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Jet Ski and WaveRunner Accidents in Florida

The Maus Law Firm Wants You to Stay Safe While Enjoying Florida’s Beaches and Waterways With thousands of miles of shoreline and inland waterways, Florida is a boating capital of the United States.  Along with operators of conventional boats in Florida, thousands take to the water each day on personal water craft (PWC), commonly known […]

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How Much Can Someone Sue For A Car Accident In Florida?

Many times, you will read or hear a news article about a lawsuit that has been filed, and the article will say one party is suing the other party for “millions” of dollars.  These types of articles often lead to questions from our clients about how much our attorneys are suing for when filing a […]

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Boat Accident at Haulover Inlet

Another fatal boat accident occurred in South Florida this week.  Two people were ejected from a boat late Thursday.  A woman was rescued from the water, but a man that was ejected, Zach Forte, passed away from the accident.  The Coast Guard and Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission officers were still investigating the accident. The […]

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Miami Boat Accident Near Star Island

Florida Boating Enthusiast and Attorney, Joe Maus, Discusses Florida Boat Accidents Another boat accident in Miami occurred last night near Star Island.  Two boats collided off Star Island near Miami Beach, with one person being ejected from one of the boats.  The man was apparently found by Miami Dade Fire Rescue divers and taken to […]

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Waiver of Liability

Is it OK to sign a waiver of liability ? You have probably signed dozens of releases over the years, either for yourself, or one of your children. Releases, also known as Waivers of Liability, allow a company – an amusement park, dive boat, jet ski rental, boat rental, parasailing, skating rink, nursing home – […]

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4 Ways You Can Be Compensated With The Help Of A Fort Lauderdale Longshoremen Injury Lawyer

Harbor employees and longshoremen have very demanding jobs that can often be dangerous, as well. The ports in southern Florida in particular have some of the most hazardous working conditions for longshoreman in the entire country. Because of the nature of the work, longshore accidents are common among the three major ports in south Florida. […]

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