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Wrongful Death

Hold Negligent Parties Responsible

The accidental death of a family member, friend or loved one, is one of the most traumatic experiences a person will go through in their life. Often times, after the initial shock and grief has subsided, questions start to surface as to whether the death could have been prevented.

When the death has been caused by negligent or wrongful behavior, such as a drunk driver, a motorist not paying attention, a negligent doctor, or irresponsible manufacturer of defective products, the pain can become much worse as feelings of grief and loss are intensified.

In Florida, an attorney experienced in wrongful death cases can pursue monetary benefits for your loss. This includes compensation for pain and suffering, loss of a person’s wages over their lifetime, and the emotional and financial support a family member provides.

Explore And Investigate All Evidence

The difference between a successful wrongful death claim, and an unsuccessful claim, is often the investigation conducted immediately after the death occurs. Make sure your attorney is doing everything possible to preserve the memory of your family member.

We have the resources to effectively utilize forensic science.

We will act immediately to:

  • Preserve and document physical and medical evidence.
  • Engage top caliber scientists, engineers and physicians to identify responsible parties.
  • Challenge the assumptions made by physicians, law enforcement, civilian witnesses and other experts and observers.
  • Collect and analyze tire track impressions, airbag residue and other evidence that often goes overlooked.

We probe beneath the surface to find the overlooked clues that make the difference between victory and defeat in court. Too often the victim’s attorney has neither the resources nor the expertise to effectively utilize forensic science. However, the aggressive and dedicated attorneys at the Maus Law Firm can vindicate the rights of you, your family and your lost loved one, and help your family receive the compensation it needs and deserves following your tragic loss.

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