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Can Your Co-Workers Testify on Your Behalf in a Workers’ Comp Claim in Florida?

Workers’ compensation benefits can provide medical care and make up for some of your lost wages when you are injured at work. Even though workers’ compensation policies do not require insurers to pay for losses like pain and suffering, insurance companies still routinely deny claims because they want to avoid paying anything if possible. You […]

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Is Hurricane Season Starting Earlier in Your Part of Florida?

A recent study confirms what many scientists have been proclaiming—hurricane season is starting earlier due to higher surface temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean. Since Florida feels the impact of Atlantic hurricanes far more than any other state, this is big news for our state. What many people may not have heard, however, is that your […]

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Common Types of Hurricane Damage to Homes in Florida

It seems like it’s always hurricane season in Florida. Some of us get used to the risks or feel that there’s nothing we can do about it until a storm approaches. However, when you know the most common types of hurricane damage to homes in Florida, you can take steps to protect your home and […]

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Reducing Hurricane Damage to Your Home in Florida

You can’t stop a hurricane. And even though you can evacuate to get away from the dangers posed by a hurricane, your house cannot. The steps you take now will determine how well your house survives the next storm. And in Florida, we know it’s just a matter of time before it hits. Reducing hurricane […]

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What You Need to Know About Recovering Your Losses After Hurricane Ian

After a quiet early start to the 2022 hurricane season, the powerful devastation of Hurricane Ian turned Florida upside down. Hurricanes are so destructive because they can cause deadly damage in five different ways, and Ian carried record-setting force in all five categories. Storm surges, tornadoes, inland flooding, storm winds, and rip currents were still […]

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Violence at Work—Does Workers’ Comp Cover Your Injuries?

Federal authorities cite workplace violence as a major concern for both employees and employers across the country. According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), more than 14% of fatal workplace injuries in 2019 were due to intentional attacks by another person. In addition to fatal attacks, OSHA notes that workers report threats […]

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What to Know About Rental Bike Accidents

South Florida officials increasingly promote bicycling both as a healthy tourist activity and an eco-friendly method of transportation for locals. That sounds great until you consider that Florida is often rated as one of the most dangerous states for cycling. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles reported more than 6,400 bicycle accidents […]

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Crash Avoidance Systems – What Happens When They Cause Crashes Instead of Preventing Them?

Our society is so dependent on cars that we lose sight of how dangerous these vehicles can be. The average vehicle on American roads weighs over 4,000 pounds. The force of impact when a heavy vehicle hits another object—even at a relatively low speed—can cause tremendous injuries. Manufacturers are always looking for ways to make […]

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Crashes Caused by Negligent Auto Repair

Most drivers know that if they fail to maintain their vehicles properly, they run a greater risk of being involved in a car accident. So we take our vehicles into licensed repair shops for regular service. And when we notice a problem, we schedule a special repair. The automotive repair and maintenance industry in Florida […]

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Can I File a Claim for a Bicycle Accident Caused By an Unsafe Trail, Bike Lane or Road?

You were riding your bike, and you got injured through no fault of your own. Everything was fine, and then suddenly an issue with the road or trail caused you to go down. In this situation, do you have a claim for financial compensation? If so, how do you recover the financial compensation you deserve? […]

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"Even when I was not able to get a physician to follow up with me for a broken bone following a car accident, the Maus firm, in particular Rocio, worked hard on my behalf and reached a good settlement for me. This was accomplished long distance, as the accident happened in Florida and I live in Indiana. They worked on my case for 3 years and did not give up."

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