What You Should Expect at a Court Hearing in Fort Lauderdale

Whether you have an auto insurance claim, homeowners’ insurance claim, workers’ compensation claim or any other type of claim in Fort Lauderdale, asserting your legal rights may eventually mean going to court. While court hearings in these cases are relatively rare (most settle out of court well before trial), it will be necessary to ask […]

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What Third Parties Can Be Responsible for Work Injuries in Florida?

In Florida, most employees are eligible to file workers’ compensation claims when they get injured on the job. But, while collecting workers’ compensation benefits can help ease the financial stress of a work injury, in many cases these benefits are not enough. Fortunately, injured workers can also file “third-party” claims in many cases. A third-party […]

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Can Your Co-Workers Testify on Your Behalf in a Workers’ Comp Claim in Florida?

Workers’ compensation benefits can provide medical care and make up for some of your lost wages when you are injured at work. Even though workers’ compensation policies do not require insurers to pay for losses like pain and suffering, insurance companies still routinely deny claims because they want to avoid paying anything if possible. You […]

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Violence at Work—Does Workers’ Comp Cover Your Injuries?

Federal authorities cite workplace violence as a major concern for both employees and employers across the country. According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), more than 14% of fatal workplace injuries in 2019 were due to intentional attacks by another person. In addition to fatal attacks, OSHA notes that workers report threats […]

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How to File for Workers’ Comp When You Have a Pre-Existing Condition

Workers’ compensation in Florida provides a lifeline for workers hurt on the job or suffering from illnesses caused by working conditions. But the insurance companies who are supposed to pay benefits seem to deny every claim they receive. One of the most common reasons they refuse to pay is that they claim an injury or […]

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Joe Maus Breaks Down Common Frustrations in Worker’s Compensation Claims

The Pain and Suffering of Florida’s Workers Compensation Laws If you are amongst the unfortunate thousands of individuals injured on the job in Florida every year, you probably already know some of the difficulties you will encounter.  Florida’s workers compensation system provides medical care for injuries suffered on the job, and wage benefits for the […]

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Breaking Down Florida Workers Compensation Settlements

The Maus Law Firm Helps You Understand Workers Comp Settlements A large portion of the clients that come to our office are having difficulty getting the benefits they deserve from the workers comp insurance company.  The clients are looking for an aggressive South Florida worker’s compensation law firm to fight for them to help obtain […]

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What to Do After You Are Put on Maximum Medical Improvement in Florida

One of the most common questions from clients is: I have been put at MMI – what does that mean and what do I do now?   “MMI” is an abbreviation for “maximum medical improvement”.  MMI is a term used in Florida workers compensation claims and commonly refers to an end point in an injured workers […]

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What is the Average Worker’s Compensation Settlement?

Understanding How Much You Can Receive from a Florida Worker’s Comp Claim Many Florida workers are frustrated to learn that there is no average settlement amount for a workers compensation claim in Florida.  Workers Compensation claims are not like car accident claims, or slip and fall claims, where you can generally estimate a settlement amount […]

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What Forms are Most Important for Workers Compensation Claims?

Florida’s Workers’ Compensation system is designed to be self executing.  That means that there is not much that an injured worker needs to do in order to receive the benefits that Workers’ Compensation is suppose to provide.  However, there are a few steps that an injured worker should take to ensure that he or she […]

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"Even when I was not able to get a physician to follow up with me for a broken bone following a car accident, the Maus firm, in particular Rocio, worked hard on my behalf and reached a good settlement for me. This was accomplished long distance, as the accident happened in Florida and I live in Indiana. They worked on my case for 3 years and did not give up."

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