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If You Have a Pipe Burst, You Need the Help of Our Fort Lauderdale Water Damage Attorneys

If you have had a pipe burst in your home, you could be facing significant water damage and related property losses.  As such, it is critical that you secure the compensation to which you are entitled under your applicable insurance policy. Our Fort Lauderdale water damage attorneys can help.

Sadly, many policyholders do not realize that their insurers are not “on the same page” with respect to a claim payout.  Though advertising campaigns paint insurers as reliable allies, the truth differs greatly. Unfortunately, insurers routinely deny otherwise legitimate pipe burst claims, offer inadequate payouts, excessively delay the processing of such claims and engage in various other tactics that do not coincide with the interests of policyholders. In order to successfully recover compensation for a pipe burst claim, it may be necessary to bring an action against the insurer under Florida law.

Common Insurance Issues Relating to Pipe Burst and Broken Pipe Claims in Florida

Water Damage Coverage and Natural Disasters

Homeowners’ insurance policies typically cover water damage, but many specifically exclude flood damage.  This can lead to disputes when it’s not quite clear whether the water damage at-issue was caused by the pipe burst or by flooding.  For example, if your home floods due to a hurricane or severe rainstorm, the flood may combine with other causes to create damage to your home.  In such cases, Florida’s concurrent causation policy may still allow you to recover for your property damage even though a flood contributed to creating some of the damage.

Inadequate Maintenance Leading to a Pipe Burst

Many insurance policies contain an exclusion for damage caused due to defective or inadequate maintenance.  This defense is raised frequently when a water supply line breaks near your sink or washing machine, or when a drain pipe breaks due to age.  However, most homeowners don’t go through their homes looking for hoses that may break, or dig under their house to see if a pipe is rusting.  Homeowner insurance policies cover “sudden and accidental” losses, and as such, most pipe breaks that involve a broken water supply line or drain pipe should be covered.

Managed Repair Programs

Many homeowner insurance policies have started to include “managed repair” programs.  These programs allow an insurance company to repair damage caused by a pipe break by using a contractor the insurance company chooses.  These managed repair programs raise a whole new set of issues with insurance claims because it takes decisions about how to repair the home out of the homeowner’s hands.

For example, you may not be satisfied with the scope of repairs that the insurance company wants to perform, when the work is going to be performed and by whom, the quality of the work, or the materials used in the work. These are just a few issues that are now being fought over in Florida courts dealing with managed repair programs.  If you have a managed repair insurance policy, contact our Fort Lauderdale water damage attorneys to make sure you are receiving all the benefits you are entitled to receive.

Contact the Fort Lauderdale Water Damage Attorneys at Maus Law Firm for a Free Consultation

Homeowners’ insurance policyholders who have had a pipe burst (thus leading to serious water damage in their home) should consult with a qualified attorney to ensure that they have adequate representation as early as possible.  Insurers count on their policyholders to make procedural “mistakes” — such as disclosing sensitive information in communications with an insurance adjuster. These missteps can be reduced by a qualified attorney who will serve as a guiding force and communication middleman throughout the claims process.

At Maus Law Firm, our team of experienced Fort Lauderdale water damage attorneys has represented numerous policyholders, including those whose claims center around a pipe burst event.  We are relentless advocates for our clients who are adamant about securing a favorable result regardless of the difficulty of the underlying insurance dispute.

If you’d like to schedule a free and confidential consultation with a member of our team, we encourage you to call 1-855-999-5297, or send us a completed intake form through our website.

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