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Have a Pre-Existing Condition That Was Exacerbated by an Accident? Our Fort Lauderdale Workers Comp Law Firm Can Help

Getting injured on the job can lead to lots of questions: Are you eligible to file for workers’ compensation? If so, how do you file, and how long do you have to submit your claim? What are your legal rights if your claim is denied? If you have a pre-existing condition, how does this impact your claim for benefits? Our Fort Lauderdale workers comp law firm is here to help. 

As a general rule, workers’ compensation only provides coverage for job-related injuries and illnesses. However, employers are also required to take their employees as they are. So, if you have a pre-existing condition and your injury or illness is worsened as a result of something that happens at work, you can seek benefits for your resulting medical expenses and loss of income.

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Employers Regularly Deny Workers’ Compensation Claims Involving Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Unfortunately, employees who have pre-existing conditions will frequently have their workers’ compensation claims denied. Employers and their insurance companies will often claim that any symptoms are related solely to an employee’s pre-existing condition, and not to anything that may have happened at work. This is particularly common with regard to repetitive stress injuries and occupational illnesses, although employers and insurers will make these claims with regard to other types of injuries as well.

In order to avoid having your workers’ compensation claim denied – or to challenge your denial if necessary – it will be important for you to have clear medical evidence that links your current symptoms to a work-related accident or the physical stress of your job. It will also be important for you to work with an experienced Fort Lauderdale workers’ compensation attorney, as an experienced attorney will be able to anticipate and proactively address the issues that are likely to lead to a denial. With decades of experience, attorney Joseph Maus has represented numerous employees with pre-existing medical conditions, and he can use his experience to help you collect the benefits to which you are entitled under Florida law.

Florida Workers’ Comp Only Covers Medical Expenses Related to the Exacerbation or Worsening of a Pre-Existing Injury

When you file a workers’ compensation claim involving the exacerbation or worsening of a pre-existing medical condition, you are only entitled to medical benefits only for costs that are related directly to your work injury or illness. In other words, your employer does not have to pay for treatment for your underlying medical condition. This is an important distinction, and it is one that leads to disagreements between employers and employees in many cases. Once again, an experienced attorney can help, and we encourage you to contact us for more information.

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