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Workers Compensation Law

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Every year, close to 400 people in Florida were killed in jobsite work accidents. In addition to those killed on the job, more than 60,000 workers in Florida every year are injured on the job and had to pursue work accident compensation under Florida’s Workers Compensation Statutes. Victims of work accidents are entitled to work accident compensation for both medical care and wage benefits.

Florida’s work accident compensation laws have strict timelines which establish when and to whom an employee is required to report an on the job injury claim, how and when an injured employee can obtain medical treatment, when they are required to provide information to the employer or their insurance company, and many other rules which govern what medical or money benefits may be provided.

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Victims of work accidents are entitled to compensation for medical care and wage benefits.

Work accident compensation is an area of law which can be extremely confusing and frustrating. The attorneys at The Maus Law Firm have been fighting for work accident compensation for their clients since 1993.

We have helped thousands of injured workers obtain the medical treatment and money benefits they deserve. This includes obtaining a settlement once the injured worker has received all the other benefits they are entitled to.

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