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Let Our Fort Lauderdale Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers Help With Your Side Impact Claim

Side impact crashes are the most dangerous type of car accident.  Commonly referred to as “t-bone” or broadside accidents, a side impact crash occur when the front of another vehicle makes contact with the side of your vehicle, either at an angle, or a direct impact.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) statistics confirm that side impact car accidents result in the highest rate of accident deaths of any type of car accident.  Even greater than a head on collision.

Side Impact Car Accident

Our Fort Lauderdale Attorneys Understand the Severity of Side Impact Crashes

Of all the areas of your car, the side offers the least amount of protection from another car.  Both the front and rear of your car have several feet to absorb a car accident impact, rather than the force of the impact being transferred directly into you.  However, there is only several inches of car frame between you and a car that causes a side impact car accident, so there is very little protection to keep you from being injured in a side impact car accident.  Because of this, even low speed side impact car accidents can cause serious injuries like broken bones, neck and back trauma, head injuries, internal injuries and even paralysis.

What Causes Side Impact Car Accidents in Florida?

Most side impact car accidents happen in busy intersections.  This is the area of the roadways where cars are typically running at a 90 degree angle toward each other.  Side impact car accidents typically occur because

  • A person runs a red light and runs directly into another car proceeding forward on a green light
  • Distracted driving causing a driver to move into an intersection without first making sure they have a green light or arrow
  • Driving under the influence causing a driver to have the inability to judge distances and oncoming traffic
  • Drivers in a hurry – trying to beat a red light or getting the jump on a green light and crashing into a car coming through an intersection on a red light
  • Bad weather and poor visibility

How to Stay Safe in a Side Impact Car Accident

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) ranks vehicles that have the best record for protecting its passengers in a side impact car crash.  Some of the current highest rated cars are:

  • Mazda
  • Subaru
  • Tesla
  • Lexus
  • Hyundai

The reason these cars do so well in side impact car crashes are safety features such as:

  • Head protecting side airbags, also known as curtain bags
  • Side airbags to protect your torso
  • Shoulder restraint + lap belt seatbelts
  • Electronic stability control

What Steps Should I Take after a Side Impact Car Crash?

There are several steps to follow to make a side impact car accident insurance claim.  The first and most important step is to seek medical attention.  Your best opportunity to make a full recovery is to have your injuries properly diagnosed, and begin receiving the right type of medical.  Because side impact car accident crashes can be so violent, you can expect to undergo a significant amount of medical care and rehab.

Another important step to take soon after your accident is to speak with a side impact crash attorney.  Crashes that occur in an intersection are usually denied by insurance companies.  The reason is the at fault driver rarely agrees that he or she ran a red light, or that they were texting at the time they broadsided your car, or that they were drinking and driving.  It takes a thorough investigation to make sure you can prove you light was green, and the other driver was at fault.    This requires securing names and statements from witnesses, and videotape surveillance from nearby businesses.

Maus Law Firm:  A Fort Lauderdale Side Impact Accident Lawyer is Ready to Help

We have been assisting victims of side impact car accidents for over 25 years, and have recovered millions of dollars in compensation.  We are aggressive attorneys that will track down witnesses, visit the scene of the accident, secure videotape of the accident if available, and help maximize your recovery.  Having a car accident is a traumatic event.  You will have many questions about what compensation you can receive, who pays for my car damage and a rental car, who pays for my medical bills, and how to I get compensated for my injuries.  We are here to help.  Contact the Maus Law Firm for your free consultation today.

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