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A head-on collision occurs when two cars that are traveling toward each other make contact with the other car’s front end.  Head-on collisions can occur by two cars bumpers colliding with each other, or can be even more dangerous when the entire front bumper of one car crashes into the front bumper of another car. Because these car crashes usually involves a large amount of damage to the cars and very serious injuries to the driver and passengers, it is critical that you speak with a Fort Lauderdale car accident law firm as soon as you are able to do so.

Car Accident Head On Collision

How Does a Florida Head On Collision Occur?

There are many causes of head-on collisions but the root causes can be narrowed down to:

Driver Distraction

Head-on collisions often occur on two-lane roads where cars pass each other in opposite directions and there is no median between the two lanes of traffic.  Even a slight drive toward the driver side of the road can put another car into your lane of traffic causing serious injuries.

Driver Negligence

Many drivers become frustrated traveling on two-lane roads because they have no way to pass the car in front of them without traveling into oncoming traffic.  It is very difficult to gauge whether a car has enough room to safely pass another car by traveling into the oncoming lane of traffic.  Drivers that don’t evaluate their situation safely enough can think they have room to make a pass but often times they don’t.  The results can be serious injuries and even death.

What Type of Injuries Occur in a Head-on Collision?

 Head-on collisions can result in some of the most severe injuries.  In most car accidents, once a crash occurs the cars involved change direction and come to a gradual stop.  In head-on collisions, the cars involved come to an immediate stop and so do the cars passengers.  This immediate stop causes car passengers bodies to be violently thrown about the car as the energy of the crash is transferred throughout the car.  The most common type injuries seen in head-on car accidents are:

  • broken legs and wrists
  • concussions
  • crush injuries due to the front end of the car being forced backwards into the passengers
  • air bag related injuries
  • back and neck injuries, such as whiplash

What Will My  Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Lawyer Do to Show Fault?

Determining fault in a head-on collision can be difficult.  As with most car accidents, the at fault driver rarely admits negligence for causing the accident.  Most head-on collisions require an immediate and exhaustive investigation into how the accident occurred.  This includes:

  • securing surveillance of the accident
  • preserving the vehicles to examine the “black box”, any GPS equipment present, and the type and areas of property damage
  • located and speak with witnesses, and obtain recorded statements to preserve an accurate account of how the accident occurred.

Sometimes there are more than two vehicles involved.  A third car may take an unexpected turn causing other drivers to react, or sometimes a third car makes contact with another car causing it to veer into oncoming traffic.  It is critical to obtain as much information as possible about the accident as soon as it occurs in order to determine who is at fault for the accident.

What Do I Do After an Accident Involving a Head-On Collision?

Because head-on collisions can cause serious injuries, the first step is to seek medical care.  It is important to advise the emergency room or your doctor of any medical issues you believe are related to the car accident.  It is better to be over inclusive than leave out a small ache or pain you think is minor but which can become significantly worse if left untreated.  This happens frequently when a person suffers a very painful injury like a broken bone or a concussion, and the person speaks to his or her doctors about only the worst injuries rather than all of their injuries.

It is also critical to speak with an experienced car accident lawyer as quickly as you are able to do so.  Witnesses and evidence get lost, and memories fade over time.  Investigating your accident needs be done immediately after the accident to ensure you obtain a full monetary settlement for your injuries and damages.

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Do you need help obtaining money for your injuries and medical bills as a result of a Florida head on collision car accident?   If so, we can help. For a free and confidential consultation with Fort Lauderdale head on collision car accident attorney, Joseph Maus, call us at 855-999-5297 or request an appointment online today.

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