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In the months of May through November, Floridians need to keep abreast of the potential for severe weather. In Pompano Beach, we don’t need to be hit with a category 5 hurricane to suffer significant damage to our homes and commercial property. Every year we seem to be under the threat of a severe tropical storm which can cause serious damage to your house. In 2015, Tropical Storm Erika was estimated to have caused millions of dollars of property damage, and it only brushed Florida. When you add in the severe rainstorms that occur during the summer months, you have conditions that are ripe for causing serious damage to your home and the first call you make should be to a Pompano Beach hurricane lawyer at The Maus Law Firm.

Strong winds can loosen shingles on the roof and rainwater can leak into your home, causing water or mold damage. Flying objects and falling trees due to high winds can dent and bend a home’s siding causing water leakage and damage if not repaired. Heavy downpours can cause flash flooding and damage your flooring, appliances, electrical system and ruin your furniture. Without funds from your insurance company, the hefty bills will certainly pile up.

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Our pompano property damage lawyers Offers Advice for Documenting the Damage

Steps to Take Before the Storm

If and when severe weather hits and your property is damaged or destroyed, you’ll need to have made sure in advance by property documenting the purchase date and price of each item. The knowledgeable Pompano Beach hurricane damage attorneys at the Maus Law Firm can help, but there are several things you can do to help legitimize your potential future claim.

Keep receipts for any home improvements you’ve made over the years.

One way insurance companies try to get around having to pay your insurance claim is to underpay the amount you are owed. Does your insurance policy state that you are to be reimbursed for the original cost or today’s replacement cost? Keep receipts for any furniture, flooring or appliances that you have bought since purchasing your home.

Take pictures of your roof, windows and any outside additions like a screened-in pool and patio before the storm occurred.

If you do this, the insurance company can’t say that the property damage occurred before the weather event actually happened.

Steps to Take After the Storm

There are several steps you should take after the storm as well. Taking these steps will not only help to ensure that you can document the costs of the storm, but they will also help with proving your right to coverage. Our Pompano Beach property damage lawyer recommends:

  • Take pictures after the storm.

After the storm is over, you should document all damage to your home and personal property. However, you should not enter your home (or any part of your home) if it is unsafe to do so.

  • File an insurance claim (or claims) promptly.

You will want to file your insurance claim (or claims, if you need to file a homeowner’s claim and a flood claim) right away. Lots of homeowners will be filing claims, so you will want to get in line. Filing promptly will also prevent your insurance company from claiming that you waited too long to file. If you are uncomfortable filing on your own, our Pompano Beach hurricane lawyer can assist you.

  • Review your insurance coverage.

When seeking homeowner’s insurance or flood insurance coverage after a major storm, it is important to know the terms of your coverage. The “declarations page” provides a summary and is an excellent place to start. If you are unclear on your rights under either of your policies, our Pompano Beach hurricane damage attorney can tell you what you need to know.

  • Protect what you can.

If it is safe to do so, you should try to protect any of your personal property that was not damaged in the storm. This is especially true for any property that is at risk of being damaged if left in its current location.

  • Contact a Pompano Beach Hurricane Insurance Lawyer

When you need help recovering after a major storm, it is best to rely on the advice and representation of an experienced pompano property damage lawyers. You need to be careful to protect your right to coverage, and you need to know that you are making the right decisions to get your home repaired and your property replaced as quickly as possible.

Q&A with Our Pompano Beach Hurricane Claim Attorney

If I Can Prevent Additional Damage to My Home After a Storm, Should I Do So?

After a hurricane, it can be extremely difficult to see your home in a state of disrepair. It can be even harder to sit by and watch as the damage gets worse. But, if you try to prevent additional damage and end up causing more damage, this additional damage won’t be covered. Also, taking steps to prevent additional damage (such as patching a hole in your roof) could make it more difficult to prove your right to coverage. With this in mind, before you do anything, we recommend speaking with a Pompano Beach water damage lawyer.

Can I Make My Own Repairs After My Home Sustains Damage in a Hurricane?

Just as you need to be careful about trying to prevent additional damage, you also need to be careful about trying to make your own repairs after your home sustains damage in a hurricane. Your homeowner’s insurance and flood insurance policies might allow this, or they might not. In any case, you will most likely want (or need) to get approval from your insurance company; and, if you have questions, you should consult with a Pompano Beach property damage lawyer.

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How Long Should It Take to Get My Home Repaired After a Major Storm in Florida?

Unfortunately, it can take far longer than most people would like to get their homes repaired after a major storm. But, while it is important to be patient, it is also important to know when delays become unreasonable. If your claim starts to take too long, you will need to take proactive steps to secure coverage, and you will want to speak with an experienced Pompano Beach hurricane lawyer about your legal rights.

What if My Insurance Company Won’t Cover the Damage to My Home or Personal Property?

If your insurance company won’t cover your home or personal property damage, you should not simply accept this outcome. Wrongful claim denials are common—especially after hurricanes and other major storms. Whether your insurance company is only offering partial coverage or it is refusing to pay anything at all, at this point, you will need to speak with a lawyer to determine what options you have available.

If you have been denied a claim for hurricane damage in your home, call The Maus Law Firm to speak with a Pompano Beach property damage attorney. We’ll make every effort to see to it that your homeowner’s insurance claim is properly paid and that the insurance company compensates you for all your house damage, including living expenses while your home is being repaired.

No Matter What Caused the Damage to your Home or Business, Let a Pompano Property Damage Lawyers Help

Don’t wait another day to examine your Florida homeowner’s insurance policy to make sure that you are getting the coverage you think you are getting. If you have been recently denied a property damage claim or feel you’ve been offered insufficient compensation, call The Maus Law Firm to speak with a Pompano Beach property damage lawyer. We’ll compare what your insurance adjuster has told you about your coverage and help you decide your best options.

Hurt in an Accident? Our pompano property damage lawyers Handle Personal Injury Claims, Too!

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