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Motor vehicle accidents happen in a blink of an eye and it’s critical to know in advance what to do if you are involved in a car accident in South Florida. While no one expects to be involved in an accident when they leave the house in the morning, over 600 Floridians per day are involved in motor vehicle accidents. You’re only focus should be to recover. Let a Pompano Beach car accident lawyer from the Maus Law Firm handle the rest.

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Injuries from Auto Accidents

Injuries sustained in car accidents run the full spectrum from relatively minor cuts and scrapes to serious and permanently disabling injuries like a broken back or a broken neck. It is not uncommon for a person to become seriously injured even after an accident involving even light property damage. Below are some of the injury claims a Pompano Beach accident lawyer from our firm can assist you with.

Back and Neck Injuries

Injuries sustained in car accidents run the full spectrum from relatively minor cuts and scrapes to serious and permanently disabling injuries,  like a broken back or a broken neck. It is not uncommon for a person to become paralyzed either from the neck or the waist down as a result of a violent, high-speed car accident. Certain injuries occur more frequently than others and if you are in a car accident chance are you may incur one of the following injuries.


Whiplash is an injury to the upper spine around the back of the neck and as a result, pain can occur due to nerve damage around the connective tissues of the vertebrae. Connective tissue i.e. cartilage and ligaments can become torn or stretched due to sudden impact from another vehicle from the rear. It is very important that the driver and passengers adjust their head restraints like a driver would adjust his mirrors when embarking on a trip in the car as the head restraint will only work if it is properly supporting the head.  It is also important to seek medical care as soon as possible after suffering a whiplash injury in order to help heal the damaged tissue.


An automobile is made from relatively thin sheets of steel and metal and in an accident, these can be torn in razor-sharp projectiles, along with shattering glass. A car accident occurs and is over within a split second, but due to the violent forces your body undergoes in a car accident, you can end up with deep contusions, cuts, scrapes and scarring.  The damage can be internal too.  Being “stabbed” by the shorn-off piece of the opposing vehicle can cause organ damage to the heart, lungs, stomach or other organs in the front of the body.

Head Injuries

Serious head injuries and brain trauma frequently occur as a result of car accidents. Unlike a motorcycle rider, the operator and passengers in a car or truck are not required to wear a protective helmet when travelling in their cars. In frontal impacts like head-on collisions, a person not wearing a seatbelt can become a human projectile and fly head first into the windshield of the car. This can cause not only head injuries and brain trauma but also broken necks that can lead to paralysis.  Even with the use of an airbag and seatbelts, serious front end or rear end car accidents cause a body to move rapidly back and forth, making contact with an exploding air bag.  You can imagine the impact of being thrown forward from a collision into an air bag exploding toward you with the same force.

What to Do After a Motor Vehicle Crash in Florida

Remain at the Scene of the Accident

When you are involved in a motor vehicle accident in South Florida, even a minor one, you need to immediately call 911 and remain at the scene until they arrive. You do not have the option to leave before the police arrive. If you leave you could be charged with the serious crime of leaving the scene of an accident sometimes called hit and run. If you flee the scene you could be denying the other party of life-saving first aid. If you flee the scene of an accident and the other party dies, as a result, you could be charged with a serious felony and be subject to heavy fine and potentially jail time.

Call 911 to get medical assistance

The most important reason to make 911 your first call is to make sure  that you and all other parties  receive immediate, potentially life-saving medical attention for your injuries. An important secondary consideration for making the call is to document the extent of the seriousness of your injuries for use if you decide to sue the other driver’s insurance company. Establishing a medical history immediately following your car accident will make sure that you have a record of all of your injuries both major and minor.

Don’t Talk to the Other Party’s Insurance Adjuster without speaking to Your Car Accident Attorney

When you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident one of the first parties on the scene, in addition to the police and emergency medical personnel will be the insurance company’s claim adjuster to determine the extent of their potential financial damages. Don’t talk to them. It’s the insurance adjuster’s job to reduce or eliminate any claim against the company and they know every sneaky trick in the book. They will contact you immediately after the accident when you are still “shaken up” from the accident to get you to make statements that minimize any injury or property damage you may have.  These statement can be used against you in court if necessary.

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If you have been injured in a car accident in South Florida due to the negligence of another driver, you deserve the best, most experienced and compassionate legal representation available. The attorneys at The Maus Law Firm are experienced and knowledgeable Pompano Beach auto accident lawyers and have tried hundreds of cases and recovered millions in damages on behalf of our clients injured in car accidents. Reach out to us today!

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"Even when I was not able to get a physician to follow up with me for a broken bone following a car accident, the Maus firm, in particular Rocio, worked hard on my behalf and reached a good settlement for me. This was accomplished long distance, as the accident happened in Florida and I live in Indiana. They worked on my case for 3 years and did not give up."

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If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in an accident, you deserve an attorney you can trust

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