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Our Pompano Beach Worker’s Compensation Lawyer Will Help You Receive Benefits

Whenever a person is injured on the job, it’s almost always helpful to seek the advice of an experienced Pompano Beach worker’s compensation lawyer. Work comp cases can be extremely complicated. All too often, the employer or their insurance company tries to pay less than what the employee deserves. As a result, the entire process can be quite difficult for an injured worker to navigate without help. An experienced work comp lawyer like Joe Maus will know how to work with insurance companies and employers to attain fair compensation.

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Workers Compensation Settlements are Easier with the Help of an Attorney

Making a worker’s compensation claim isn’t easy, especially if you’re trying to recover from an injury. Working with a Pompano Beach worker’s compensation attorney helps you be sure you complete all the necessary paperwork and meet all applicable deadlines. Your lawyer may be able to resolve disputes that may arise between you and the insurance company.

In many cases your lawyer can negotiate directly with the insurance company or their lawyers to reach a resolution. If necessary, your workers comp lawyer may take the case to a judge of compensation claims, but only if it appears that the situation cannot be resolved through negotiation. Negotiating the workers compensation system can be daunting, and many workers are unaware of their rights in a settlement. The insurance companies want you to think that what they offer you is all you’re entitled to, but that is not always the case. Working with an experienced work injury lawyer is your best course of action when you’re hurt on the job.

What to Do to Best Increase Your Options for Benefits After a Work Injury

Although retaining an experienced worker’s compensation attorney will help make sure you receive all the workers comp benefits to which you are entitled,  injured workers (and their family caregivers) must still shoulder important responsibilities to help their cases move smoothly through the system.

Here are some additional responsibilities you must handle while seeking medical help for your injuries. Be sure to ask your Pompano Beach worker’s compensation law firm if you have any questions regarding any of these tasks.

  • Once you’ve notified your employer about your injury, you must obtain the best medical care available to you. In order to have your employer cover the costs of your medical care, a timely claim for benefits must be filed. You must also ask your employer, or the workers compensation insurance company, for the name of a treating physician – someone authorized under your employer’s worker’s compensation insurance policy.  Most insurance companies, once notified of an on the job accident, will automatically schedule your initial doctors appointment.


  • Be prepared to give your assigned doctor a full and accurate description of your accident and injuries. Make sure you tell the doctor about ANY AND ALL  injuries, no matter how significant you think it may be.   The doctor will also ask you for a prior medical history.  Your failure to provide an accurate medical history may allow the insurance company to try and deny you benefits.   It is also important to obtain something in writing from the doctor, before you leave the office, about whether you may return to work, even if only on a part-time or light duty basis.   Be sure to ask questions about any work restrictions you have, and make sure the doctor writes them in detail so there is no dispute later on with your employer


  • Be sure to stay in touch with your employer about your medical condition and ability to work.  If the doctor says you can return to work, even if it is with restrictions or on a part time basis, you should notify your employer.  It is up to the employer to let you know if it has a job within your restrictions.  If the employer does not have a job that fits your work restrictions imposed by the workers comp doctor, the insurance company must pay you wage benefits.


  • Provide Your Pompano Beach worker’s compensation attorney with all documents you get from the doctor or insurance company. If your Florida workers compensation attorney is aware of what your doctors are recommending, it will speed up receiving all the medical and wage benefits you are supposed to receive.


  • Be sure you handle all of your responsibilities in an honest and truthful manner. Insurance companies love to argue that injured workers in Florida are not truthful about their injuries, their work abilities, and prior medical histories.  Be truthful and honest when speaking with your doctors to avoid allowing the insurance companies to challenge you receiving all the benefits you deserve.

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If you’ve suffered a serious worker’s compensation injury, contact the Maus Law Firm to learn more about your rights.  The Maus Law Firm  handles accident and injury claims throughout Fort Lauderdale, Miami-Dade, Monroe, Collier, Lee, Broward and Palm Beach counties.  You’ll need the help of an experienced South Florida worker’s compensation attorney on your side to get the compensation you deserve, so call or contact us today.


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