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Fort Lauderdale Industrial Accident Lawyer Helping Workers Hurt in Factories, Warehouses and More 

Workers in factories and warehouses face far more dangers than employees working in most other settings. The duties of the job and the equipment used around them expose these dedicated workers to the risk of debilitating injuries on a daily basis. If you suffered injuries in an accident, an experienced Fort Lauderdale industrial accident lawyer could help ensure that you receive the full medical and financial benefits to which you are entitled. Injuries caused by heavy machinery can lead to life-long disabilities that affect your ability to work and perform basic tasks in the future, so you owe it to yourself to work with a legal advocate who understands how to obtain full compensation for your losses.

Finding Out Who’s at Fault

In many workers’ compensation cases, the question of fault is not a key issue the way it is in other personal injury situations. Employees injured in the scope of their job duties should be entitled to benefits without needing to show that the employer behaved negligently.

However, when it comes to industrial accidents and injuries caused by heavy machinery, often a third party may be at fault. This could include a subcontractor, equipment manufacturer, maintenance firm, or other individual or organization connected to the accident. Even a bystander could be at fault if they acted irresponsibly and caused a distraction. 

If a Fort Lauderdale workplace accident lawyer can produce evidence to show that a third party’s action caused your injuries, you could be eligible to receive substantial compensation through a personal injury lawsuit, including compensation for pain and suffering. It may even be possible to bring a lawsuit against your employer if they were grossly negligent in some way such as by violating important safety regulations. For that reason, it is wise to consult a work injury attorney as soon as possible so your legal advocate can begin collecting evidence while it is most readily available.

Understanding the Dangers with Heavy Machinery in Factories and Warehouses

People who have never worked in a factory, warehouse, or other settings with dangerous equipment will never understand what it is like to face the prospect of catastrophic or disfiguring injuries every time you start a shift. Some common dangers seen by Fort Lauderdale industrial accident lawyers include:

  • Falling objects: Whether on a construction site or in a big box store, workers are frequently injured by equipment or merchandise falling from a great height.
  • Vehicle accidents: Trucks moving quickly around loading docks or other industrial sites strike workers all too frequently, often causing serious injuries.
  • Injuries Caused by Overexertion: The lifting, pushing, or pulling motions associated with many industrial and warehouse jobs can easily lead to injuries to the back, shoulders, and neck.
  • Forklift accidents: Forklifts can overturn easily, leading to severe injuries or death for operators and others in the vicinity.
  • Falls: Whether due to slippery surfaces, tripping hazards or some form of distraction, injuries caused by falls are unfortunately very common in warehouses and industrial settings. Falls on loading docks often prove fatal because of the height differences involved.
  • Heavy machinery accidents: Even when operating in perfect condition, many types of heavy machinery pose a danger to operators. When equipment malfunctions or overturns, the results can be disastrous.

As warehouses and manufacturers struggle to keep up with increased demand, accidents in these settings are only likely to increase.

The Consequences of Industrial Workplace Accidents

A serious accident involving heavy equipment can lead to injuries with long-term consequences. You may be out of work for months, and if you are able to return, you may be limited in ways you were not before the accident.

Workers’ compensation can provide benefits to make up for some of your lost wages and cover medical expenses. However, if you suffer from any form of permanent disability, you need to make sure you receive fair compensation for those losses as well. Insurance companies often try to offer the bare minimum to settle a claim, leaving workers struggling to meet basic needs.

An experienced heavy machinery injury lawyer will fight for the best recovery options, whether through the workers’ compensation system or other avenues such as an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit.

Talk to a Fort Lauderdale Industrial Accident Lawyer

You work hard, so when you suffer injuries on the job, you deserve support. A dedicated Fort Lauderdale industrial accident lawyer understands how to calculate the value of your losses and how to obtain the best compensation to help you move forward after your accident. Contact the attorneys at the Maus Law Firm to find out what may be possible in your case.


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