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Recover Your Losses After a Car Accident Caused by a Road Hazard or Defect

When driving in Florida, careless drivers are not your only concern. Issues with the road can also cause serious accidents. If you’ve been injured in an accident caused by a road hazard or defect, you may be entitled to compensation, and you should talk to a Fort Lauderdale road hazard lawyer about your legal rights promptly.

When Can You Seek Compensation for an Accident Caused by a Road Hazard or Defect?

Various issues with the road can present risks for drivers. This includes issues with how a road was designed, how it was constructed and the construction materials that were used. Problems with lane markings, signs, signals, guardrails and barriers can also cause and contribute to serious car accidents. Some of the more common examples of issues that can entitle injured drivers and passengers to financial compensation include:

  • Inadequate merging areas
  • Limited visibility and visual obstructions
  • Low shoulders and uneven lanes
  • Missing or inoperable traffic signals
  • Missing signage
  • Negligent road design or construction
  • Poorly maintained roads
  • Potholes and sinkholes
  • Unmarked and poorly marked construction zones
  • Use of defective construction materials

How Do You Seek Compensation for a Car Accident Caused by a Road Hazard or Defect?

To seek just compensation for a car accident caused by a road hazard or defect, the first step is proving that an issue with the road caused your accident. This means that you need to engage a law firm to conduct an investigation promptly. At Maus Law Firm, we handle road hazard and defect cases throughout South Florida, and we can send an investigator to the scene of your accident immediately.

Once we determine what caused your accident, then we can decide which entity is liable. In most cases, seeking just compensation will involve one or more of the following:

Filing a Claim Against a Government Agency

Various state and local agencies hold responsibility for building and maintaining Florida’s roads. If you have a claim against a government agency, we can help you file a claim under Florida’s Tort Claims Act.

Filing a Claim Against a Government Contractor

Often, government agencies will hire contractors to design, build, and maintain highways and local roads. If a contractor is liable for your crash, we can help you pursue a personal injury claim against the contractor.

Filing a Claim Against a Construction Material Manufacturer

If your accident resulted from a failure of construction materials, then the manufacturer may be liable for your injuries. This could be the case, for example, if a pothole or sinkhole developed due to the use of a surfacing material that was inappropriate for Florida’s hot and humid climate.

Discuss Your Legal Rights with Fort Lauderdale Road Hazard Lawyer Joseph Maus

Are you entitled to financial compensation for your accident caused by a road hazard or defect? Contact Maus Law Firm to find out. To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation as soon as possible, call 855-908-4379 or contact us online now. 

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