What To Know if You are Injured at a Concert in South Florida

While the tragedy at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival in 2021 brought the risks associated with packed concert venues into sharp focus, the reality is that accidents and injuries at concerts are common. Concertgoers regularly suffer injuries due to various causes, with consequences ranging from minor first aid needs to lifelong physical disabilities and emotional trauma. […]

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Liability for Youth Sports Injuries

Participation in sports leagues in Florida are a healthy activity for children.  They learn competitive skills, how to interact with others, how to win and lose, and they learn how to play a fun activity they can enjoy for the rest of their lives.  But what happens when they are injured at one of their […]

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The Hidden Dangers of Falls

Taking a fall after slipping on a banana peel has become such a staple in comedy that it is now also a popular idiom in speech. “Slipping on a banana peel” refers to someone doing something foolish. But a slip and fall accident is rarely a laughing matter, and it is often not the result […]

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What to Know About Bicycle Riding in the Heat

If you live someplace like South Florida, you expect to spend time cycling in the heat. But heat is an issue for bicyclists all throughout the U.S. during much of the summer, so it is wise for all bicyclists to be prepared. Even mild heat exhaustion or dehydration can affect your judgment and lead to […]

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Breaking Down Fee Arrangements for Personal Injury Lawyers

How Much Do Personal Injury Lawyers in Florida Charge? All personal injury lawyers in Florida handle injury and accident cases on a contingent basis. That means that the lawyer does not get paid unless and until the lawyer has recovered money for your accident or injury claim. Florida lawyers are governed by the Florida Bar, […]

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Do Pedestrians Always Have the Right of Way?

Many people who contact a pedestrian accident lawyer assume that pedestrians have the right of way in every situation. This is actually not true under Florida law. Pedestrians have to obey certain rules of the road just as motorists do. Of course, because pedestrians are at significant risk of serious injury when involved in an […]

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How Much Does It Cost to Hire Personal Injury Lawyer in Florida?

Is It Ever “Free” to Hire an Attorney? You hear plenty of advertisements for personal injury lawyers on TV and radio about how an attorney will offer you a “free, no obligation consultation,” or that the attorney does not get paid “unless they recover money for you.”  Is it actually true? The short answer is […]

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Out Walking or Bike Riding? Look out for the SUVs, Pickup Trucks and Minivans!

It is getting more and more dangerous to be a pedestrian or bike rider on our streets.  Pedestrian crash deaths have increased every year since 2009, with more than 6,500 pedestrians killed by motor vehicles in 2020. A recent study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety shows SUV’s, pickups and minivans are substantially more […]

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Liability for Damage Caused by Sinkholes

Fort Lauderdale Sinkhole Lawyer Discusses Liability for Damages Caused by Sinkholes   Even the state government admits that there are more sinkholes in Florida than anywhere else in the country. Sinkholes may appear dramatically all at once or develop slowly over time. Often a hole that appears as a small opening at the surface turns out […]

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Bike Commuting in Bad Weather: How to Avoid Accidents & Stay Sane

Bike riders choose to commute to work on their bicycles for various reasons. For starters, pedaling to work saves money, increases fitness, and significantly decreases stress levels. These benefits continue even when the weather turns foul. Still, many bike commuters decide that the risks of a bike accident or the anticipation of an unpleasant experience […]

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