How Does Negligence Affect a Property Damage Claim?

Contact Our Ft. Lauderdale Property Damage Lawyer for Assistance Damage to your home, car, boat, or other property can be nearly as disruptive to your life as a serious injury to your health. Unfortunately, insurance companies can take an extremely long time to process claims, and all too often, they refuse to pay what they […]

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Do Fires Cause More Damage in Winter Months? A Ft. Lauderdale Fire Damage Attorney Looks at Winter Fires

We associate fire with heat, and in Ft. Lauderdale, heat usually means summer. However, a Ft. Lauderdale fire damage attorney often sees more damage from fires occurring in the winter months.  Moreover, winter fires may be more likely to lead to personal injuries and even wrongful death. If you understand the causes of fire damage […]

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Preparing for Hurricane Season in South Florida During the COVID-19 Crisis

Each year, hurricane season presents risks for homeowners and business owners across South Florida. From powerful winds and heavy rainfall to storm surge and inland flooding, various risks threaten homes, businesses and personal property. Homeowners and business owners need to take steps to prepare in advance, and they need to be prepared to deal with […]

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Homeowners Coverage Denials for Policy Exclusions and How a Fort Lauderdale Homeowners Insurance Lawyer Can Help

While the Fort Lauderdale area is an extremely inviting place to live and visit, there are some perils for homeowners. Property damage due to hurricanes and other stormy weather are a persistent threat to southern Florida homes. Add on other common risks, such as fire, and it becomes clear that Florida homeowners will often need […]

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Boca Raton Property Damage Attorney – South Florida Weather Damage

Potential Damages to Your Home From South Florida Weather In the months of May through November, Floridians need to keep abreast of the potential for severe weather. In Boca Raton, we don’t need to be hit with a category 5 hurricane to suffer significant damage to our homes and commercial property. Every year we seem […]

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Ft Lauderdale Property Damage Attorney – Homeowner’s Insurance

Inadequate Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage. For most of us, our homes are our biggest investment and if we live in one long enough it can become the foundation of our retirement nest egg. It makes sense to protect this investment with homeowner’s insurance in case a weather disaster occurs and you have to make repairs or replace […]

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Causes of South Florida Property Damage

Property damage claims can arise from any number of incidents unique to south florida and it’s climate. The most frequent regional property damage events for south florida residents and businesses are rain and wind, hurricanes, floods and mold.  Torrential rain as well as fierce winds are an almost daily occurrence during the summer months in […]

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How to Handle a Lightning Damage Insurance Claim

It’s summer in South Florida. Do you know what to do when lightning strikes? Lightning damage insurance claims are common during this time of the year. Summer brings the beginning of Hurricane Season, and the inevitable thunderstorms and lightning that seem to rock South Florida in the afternoon. A story in today’s Sun-Sentinel about an […]

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Is a roof leak covered under my property insurance coverage?

Is a roof leak covered under my property insurance coverage? To make a long story shorter, repairs to your roof are usually excluded under your property insurance. But the damage that occurs inside your house as a result of a roof leak, may be covered. This type of damage is known as ensuing damage. And […]

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