What You Should Expect at a Court Hearing in Fort Lauderdale

Whether you have an auto insurance claim, homeowners’ insurance claim, workers’ compensation claim or any other type of claim in Fort Lauderdale, asserting your legal rights may eventually mean going to court. While court hearings in these cases are relatively rare (most settle out of court well before trial), it will be necessary to ask […]

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10 Tips for Working with an Independent Insurance Adjuster

When you file an insurance claim with your homeowner’s insurance company, your insurance company may handle your claim in-house, or it may hire an independent insurance adjuster. If you are dealing with an independent insurance adjuster after a hurricane, tropical storm or other damaging events in Florida, there are some important facts you need to […]

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Is Hurricane Season Starting Earlier in Your Part of Florida?

A recent study confirms what many scientists have been proclaiming—hurricane season is starting earlier due to higher surface temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean. Since Florida feels the impact of Atlantic hurricanes far more than any other state, this is big news for our state. What many people may not have heard, however, is that your […]

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Common Types of Hurricane Damage to Homes in Florida

It seems like it’s always hurricane season in Florida. Some of us get used to the risks or feel that there’s nothing we can do about it until a storm approaches. However, when you know the most common types of hurricane damage to homes in Florida, you can take steps to protect your home and […]

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Reducing Hurricane Damage to Your Home in Florida

You can’t stop a hurricane. And even though you can evacuate to get away from the dangers posed by a hurricane, your house cannot. The steps you take now will determine how well your house survives the next storm. And in Florida, we know it’s just a matter of time before it hits. Reducing hurricane […]

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What You Need to Know About Recovering Your Losses After Hurricane Ian

After a quiet early start to the 2022 hurricane season, the powerful devastation of Hurricane Ian turned Florida upside down. Hurricanes are so destructive because they can cause deadly damage in five different ways, and Ian carried record-setting force in all five categories. Storm surges, tornadoes, inland flooding, storm winds, and rip currents were still […]

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Will Your Homeowner Insurance Company Cancel Your Policy If You Make a Claim?

Many prospective clients that contact our office ask making a homeowner insurance claim for storm damage, water damage or a fire, will cause their insurance premiums to go up, or cause their policy to be cancelled.  The response to the question depends partially on the type of insurance claim that you have.  However, Florida Statute […]

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Hurricane Season 2022: What to Expect

A South Florida Hurricane Season Unlike the Others Its time now to start preparing for Hurricane Season 2022.  The National Hurricane Center (“NHC”) is predicting another very active hurricane season and the potential for a pre-season named storm. As an early sign of the number of storms being expected, NHC is considering extending the dates […]

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Liability for Damage Caused by Sinkholes

Fort Lauderdale Sinkhole Lawyer Discusses Liability for Damages Caused by Sinkholes   Even the state government admits that there are more sinkholes in Florida than anywhere else in the country. Sinkholes may appear dramatically all at once or develop slowly over time. Often a hole that appears as a small opening at the surface turns out […]

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How to Handle a Lightning Damage Insurance Claim

Our South Florida Lightning Damage Attorneys are Experienced in Proving Property Damage to Your Insurance Company Summer brings the beginning of Hurricane Season, and the inevitable thunderstorms and lightning that seem to rock South Florida in the afternoon. Just last month, Davie homes and schools suffered serious lightning damage from a strong thunderstorm. The rainstorms […]

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