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Some Statistics on Cruise Ship Mishaps

Some Statistics on Cruise Ship Mishaps

There are usually one or two big news stories regarding cruise ship accidents every year. Who could forget Carnival’s Triumph, which faced a slew of unforeseen problems early last year, resulting in a failed air conditioning system and raw sewage seeping into the guestrooms?

Americans are fascinated by these stories because they’re just so captivating and surreal. Most people are intrigued, and the number of vacationers that take cruises every year highlights the fact that few think it could actually happen to them.

Though the large-scale problems aren’t nearly so frequent, cruise ship injuries actually do happen fairly often. If you’ve been injured on a cruise or boat and need a south Florida marine accident lawyer, we can help.

At Maus Law Firm, we have professional experience in personal injury law, including slip and fall accidents, diving accidents and onboard incidents. Call us today at 954-784-6310 to talk to a Boca Raton marine accident lawyer if you think you have a case.

Loss Of Power Is Common; Evacuations, Not So Much

As it turns out, loss of power is actually fairly common on cruise ships, though it rarely lasts for more than a couple of hours. Evacuations, on the other, are less common, and when they do occur, they’re usually performed in a safe manner.

According to the New York Times, one of the most recent evacuations was in 2007, when a GAP Adventures liner struck ice off the coast of Antarctica. The crew managed to safely evacuate all 154 people who were onboard.

Watch Out For Fires And Overflowing Toilets

There have been approximately 80 fires onboard cruise ships from 1990 to 2011, with the annual occurrence of fires doubling in 2006, from three or four per year to seven or eight annually. Overflowing toilets and faulty plumbing systems are also a fairly large problem for cruise-goers, which can put a damper on anyone’s vacation.

A Boca Raton Marine Accident Lawyer Can Help

Fires and evacuating procedures aside, there are countless other ways that you can get injured on a cruise. If you or someone you love was hurt during your last vacation, you may need a Boca Raton marine accident lawyer.


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