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How Boating Accident Cases Differ From Car Accident Cases

Victims of both car accidents and boating accidents in Fort Lauderdale often suffer severe injuries caused by the negligence of others. And victims of both types of accidents may be entitled to compensation if they can demonstrate how another person’s lack of responsibility caused their injuries. 

But in many other aspects, boating and car accident cases in Fort Lauderdale can be very different to handle. Victims need to understand what makes their case unique and work with an accident lawyer experienced in representing victims in similar circumstances. A Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer reviews some common differences between boating and car accident cases. 

Boating Accidents May Involve Maritime Law

Car accident cases in Fort Lauderdale are handled under Florida state personal injury laws in most cases. Boating accidents, on the other hand, may involve Florida state laws or federal maritime laws or a combination of both. Maritime laws are based on historic statutes passed back when sails powered most vessels. These laws can apply to injuries that occur in interstate navigable waters, so essentially any boating accident on a body of water that is not landlocked within a single state could potentially be covered by maritime laws. Some courts, however, only apply maritime law in certain types of cases. 

Is this confusing? Absolutely. Maritime laws can affect an accident victim’s ability to recover compensation, so it is a good idea for anyone injured in a boating accident to consult an attorney who understands how to argue for and against the application of maritime law to the case.

Collecting Evidence After a Boat Accident vs. a Car Accident

A Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer knows the secret to winning compensation for an accident victim is to have solid evidence demonstrating the defendant’s liability for the victim’s injuries. Collecting evidence after a car accident may involve locating and interviewing witnesses, seeking footage from traffic cameras, and photographing and examining the accident scene for evidence such as tire marks or the pattern of broken glass. 

There are not too many traffic cameras set up to observe boats. There may be no witnesses other than the parties involved in the accident. And physical evidence of the accident may be lying hundreds of feet below the surface. The process of collecting and preserving evidence in a boating accident case can differ tremendously from the strategy used in car accident cases. Accident victims will have a greater chance of proving liability when they work with an attorney who understands the needs of their unique situation.

Boating Accident Cases are More Likely to End Up in Federal Court

Most car accident cases are filed and dealt with through state courts, and a Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer understands the ins and outs of procedure in the courts. Because boating accident cases often involve federal maritime law, however, these cases are much more likely to be filed or removed to federal court. Boating accident victims should consult an accident lawyer who knows how to succeed in both venues.

Experience is the Key in Boating Accident and Car Accident Cases

The dedicated legal team at the Maus Law Firm has the knowledge and skill to help victims of both car and boating accidents. If you were injured in an accident that could have been caused by another person’s failure to act responsibly, contact our experienced car accident or boat accident lawyer today for a free consultation.


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Posted By: Debra Murray

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