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Florida Turnpike Wrong-Way Automobile Accident

Thousands of Broward County motorists safely use the Florida Turnpike every day. As a toll road, one must pass through a surveillance camera monitored gateway and get a ticket before proceeding. Once through the toll, the only major decision the motorist has to make is which direction he wishes to go in, north or south. Once on the turnpike, it is nearly impossible to switch lanes as oncoming traffic is guarded by a steel-reinforced concrete divider. Given all the modern safety devices in place, it defies logic when a person is seen heading in the wrong direction as was the case the other night.

At approximately 1130 pm on Feb 22, 26-year old Tzvi Yeheskel Ference, of Miami Beach, was traveling in the wrong lane on the Florida Turnpike, struck an oncoming 18 – wheeler head on, and was killed instantly. According to Eyewitnesses Ference was driving without his car’s headlights on. Because of the safety features on the Turnpike, one is left questioning whether or not Ference was intoxicated when he chose to travel in the wrong lane. Maybe there is another reason for the crash.

As it turns out, this was not an accident after all, but a deliberate suicide. Days before the crash Ference posted his intentions to commit suicide and exactly how he intended to carry them out. According to the Sun Sentinel, ” Suicidal Facebook posts telegraphed man’s death in wrong-way crash on Florida’s Turnpike.”

His Facebook page also reveals his battle with medical problems and depression.

There were no other injuries in the crash.

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