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Be Prepared in Order to Make the Most of Your Cruise Vacation

Millions of people every year take cruise vacations and most of the time they are enjoyable and problem-free. However, sometimes people are injured on cruises. If you’re planning a cruise vacation, you should know what to do in the event of an injury, because cruise injuries are different than typical injury cases. At Joseph M. Maus & Associates we are a cruise line accident law firm and know how to help if you’re hurt on a cruise.

Recent Media Coverage Could Be Beneficial

A series of problems on cruise ships in 2012 and 2013 have put cruise ships in the news. Cruise lines have responded by trying to reassure the public of cruise line safety. But the media spotlight has raised awareness of the types of problems that can occur on cruises, and cruise lines no longer have a perfect and problem-free public image. Ultimately, this could benefit consumers.

Documentation is One Key to a Successful Injury Claim

If you suffer an injury while on a cruise, document it thoroughly with pictures and a written account of what happened. You could even record a description using a portable voice recorder. When your cruise is over, insist on keeping a copy of your shipboard medical record. If your injuries prove more serious than you first thought, get medical help and contact a cruise ship accident lawyer.

Read Your Terms and Conditions: You May Be Surprised

Read the terms and conditions printed on your cruise tickets. You may not understand some of it, but you also might be surprised. For instance, you only have one year after an accident to pursue a claim against the cruise line, and you must do so in a specified jurisdiction. This is why it’s so important to contact a cruise line accident law firm quickly after a cruise injury.

Act Swiftly if You’re Injured During a Cruise

Don’t hesitate to call a cruise ship accident lawyer after a cruise injury. Your health could depend on it, and cruise lines won’t make it easy. At Joseph M. Maus & Associates, we have the necessary experience for holding cruise lines responsible when passengers are injured.


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