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Answers to Common Questions About Slip and Fall Injury Cases

Legally actionable slip and fall accidents result in injuries and take place on another person’s property, whether it be a home, store, or commercial building. Slip and fall accidents may be something you can brush off and go about your day, or they can cause devastating injuries, particularly to elderly people. When you speak to a slip and fall lawyer at the Maus Law Firm, you’ll get straight answers about your potential slip and fall case.

Who Is Liable in a Slip and Fall Case?

If, for example, you’re hurt at a place of business, and the business rents the space, both the business owner and the property owner may be liable. The business owner has a duty to use reasonable care to prevent injuries on the premises. If a property management company manages the property and fails to do so, it may be held liable as well.

Can I Be Compensated if I’m Hurt While Shopping?

Stores have an obligation to keep floors reasonably safe and should routinely assess areas of public access for spills or other hazards. If you were to slip in something spilled on the floor and can show that it had been there for a long period without being cleaned, you may be able to recover damages. A slip and fall lawyer can answer this question more fully.

What if I Am Hurt at Someone’s House to Which I Was Invited?

Social guest may sometimes be compensated for slip and fall accidents, but you should contact a personal injury law firm to find out for sure. Homeowners should correct hazards or warn guests about them. For example, a slippery throw rug should be removed or secured before having social guests over.

Would Building Code Violations Affect My Case?

Building code violations may sometimes be used to show a pattern of negligence. Building codes often specify where handrails and other features must be installed, for example. If you fell on a stairway that didn’t have appropriate hand railing, this building code violation could affect your case. The Maus Law Firm is a personal injury law firm that regularly assists clients with slip and fall cases. (Read more about us here)


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