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3 Instances In Which You Should Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer

Lawyers are not always needed when an accident occurs, but it would be wise to have one in mind for when things get worse. Lawyers are able to present the legalities of the situation in plain English so you and your opponent understand what’s going on. To better understand what kinds of injuries require a lawyer, refer to this list:

1. Permanently Or Long-Term Disabling Injuries

Sometimes accidents are so severe they result in significant injuries that affect your physical capabilities or appearance for long periods of time. Learning how much an injury like that is worth on your own can be pretty difficult.

2. Severe Injuries

The severity of your injuries determines the compensation you deserve. This is measured by the type of injuries you have, the medical expenses and the amount of time it takes to recover. Hiring a lawyer is be the best way to learn how much compensation is due to you and to ensure you receive the highest amount you can get.

3. Malpractice

If you or a loved one is suffering from an injury due to negligence, unprofessional or incompetent treatment from a doctor, hospital, nurse, clinic or other medical provider, the legal and medical rules involved will be complex. The rules pertaining to your case need to be thoroughly reviewed by a lawyer who is experienced in medical malpractice cases.

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Client Testimonial

"Even when I was not able to get a physician to follow up with me for a broken bone following a car accident, the Maus firm, in particular Rocio, worked hard on my behalf and reached a good settlement for me. This was accomplished long distance, as the accident happened in Florida and I live in Indiana. They worked on my case for 3 years and did not give up."

Posted By: Debra Murray