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3 Ways To Tell If You Have A Valid Injury Claim

Being involved in an accident could potentially change the rest of your life. It’s not only expensive but could also leave you disabled. Below we’ve listed the three ways you can ensure you have a valid personal injury claim:

1. Injuries

The first requirement for filing a valid claim is to have an actual injury. Any damage must be diagnosed, treated and documented by a medical professional. Also, injury cases involve physical injuries, so if your $200,000 Lamborghini was damaged but you left the scene without a scratch you don’t have an injury case.

2. Fault

Someone else must be at least 51 percent or more at fault for the cause of your injuries. Fault can be determined in three ways: who received a ticket, whether the other person or company did something to cause your injuries (e.g., leaving a saw blade on the front lawn after working), or if the company or person in not doing something caused your injuries (e.g., failed to put up a ‘floor is wet’ sign).

3. Insurance

The third step is having a source of recovery so you can get paid. The most common types of insurance are premises liability, homeowners and auto.

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