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There Are Many Types of Marine and Marine Related Accidents

People love being near, in, or on the water, especially in the summer. While most people are responsible in their actions, sometimes negligence or reckless behavior on the water leads to injuries and deaths. If you were hurt in a water-related accident, learn your legal options. At the Maus Law Firm, you can speak to a marine accident attorney who can advise you on your legal rights.

Boating Accidents

Most boat owners operate their watercraft responsibly and safely. Unfortunately, there are a few who do not. Boating accidents may involve boats colliding with other boats, boats colliding with personal watercraft like Waverunners, parasailing accidents, and accidents involving people operating watercraft under the influence of drugs or alcohol. A marine accident attorney can advise you on your legal options when you are hurt in a boating accident.

Cruise Ship Accidents

Cruise ships are usually quite safe. However, when injuries do occur on cruise ships, making the cruise line accept responsibility and offer adequate compensation can be an uphill battle. If you’re hurt during a cruise, you should call a personal injury attorney right away, and you should ensure that he or she is experienced with cruise accidents in particular, because they are more complex than other types of injury cases.

Longshore Accidents

If you are a longshoreman, you keep commerce running, and you also have one of the most dangerous jobs. If you’re hurt at work, you need to speak to a work injury attorney who has dealt with longshoreman claims. The process is similar to ordinary Workers’ Compensation claims, but a work injury attorney skilled in longshoreman injuries will be able to advise you on every step of the legal process for receiving fair compensation.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Legal Advice

If you were hurt in a marine-related accident, don’t be afraid to come forward. You may be entitled to compensation beyond what insurance provides, but you need the services of skilled legal counsel to help you through the legal processes involved. At the Maus Law Firm, our attorneys are skilled and experienced in all types of marine accidents and won’t hesitate to help you fight for your rights.


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