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Should I Accept the First Settlement Offer From an Insurance Company?

Gone through an accident? now second most exhausting task you will go through is having an offer through your insurance company. But getting a settlement offer that stands well with your losses is not a piece of cake.  Although around 95% of settlements are handed over at some point in the negotiations, it still requires a lot of weight-lifting to bring favourable results. In this article, we will dig into the aspects to rely on and give a thought while building a settlement offer for yourself.

Go through the Offer:

Before you move on with any step, it’s crucial to understand your settlement offer. You will get a written document from your insurance company where you can comprehend all terms and the amount you will be given.


It’s crucial to read it with a keen eye and grasp each word to know about the offer before rejecting the settlement offer or accepting it.


Evaluate Your Damages

Your settlement offer should cover all the damages you have gone through. Therefore, don’t turn blind eye and figure out the extent of your damages.


Your settlement offer can include medical bills, property damages, missed wages and further future destruction that you might lose. Grasp all the evidence along with documents and pictures to claim your settlement. 


Determination of Liability and Fault 

The fault is the indicator or how much settlement you will get. Find out who is at fault and if it is evident through proof.


But the chance is that having negotiations for a longer period can make ways to less settlement offer. Therefore, the initial offer offered by the insurance company should be in hand if your liability is rattling. However, it’s always better to resolve the matters through communication.



Don’t Forget about the Potential Future Costs


Injuries can leave an effect on you for days and it’s definitely something you can’t ignore. It can be either a small cut or bruise that can lead to long term pain or medical issues.


These types of injuries shouldn’t go down the drain. Bring them on the table while settling an offer and jotting down potential future costs for it.


Ba attentive on time

Don’t even waste a single minute and Nor your decisions to bring you any pitfalls. Most of the time Insurance companies convince you to take an initial or second settlement offer that shouldn’t be accepted until the situations are not properly evaluated.


Florida also has statutes of limitations that entails to take decisions within a limited time. That is why it is recommended to know your deadline.


Emotional Factors:

Personal injuries can also be detrimental for emotions. Therefore, it’s necessary to not take a heavy hand in making a decision while emotionally disturbed.


Opt for Court When it’s Needed:

It won’t be the best advice and shouldn’t be the first choice but filing a lawsuit is an option too. It’s not about whether you have evaluated everything by yourself but it is possible that even after taking all important steps, protection of your rights should be prioritized.


During all the process, try to keep all the records and data of communication with the insurance company. It can be emails, letters and calls.

Consult Maus Law Personal Attorney to Get the Best Settlement Offer From an Insurance Company

Confused how to make the best decision for yourself without falling short of a settlement offer?  Consulting an attorney expert in personal injury or insurance claims who handles negotiations professionally.  Whether you fear for less settlement offer from your insurance company or you<re unable to evaluate your compensation, we  lend you a hand on prioritizing your well being and loss. So, contact us today to bring ease at your side with most deserving offer.


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