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Overcoming The Particular Challenges Of A Cruise Lawsuit

Passengers on cruise ships face many of the same dangers that people face on land. They can be injured by slip and fall accidents, injured in an assault by another passenger or crew member, or become victims of a crime or food poisoning. But there are some dangers that are unique to cruise ships. Examples include piracy, falling overboard, sinking ships or on board fires.

When you’ve been injured on a cruise ship, the company might be held responsible for your accident, particularly if it resulted from negligence on the part of crew members. However, a particular set of rules govern a cruise lawsuit, and this creates a particular set of challenges. That is why it is so important to hire an experienced cruise accident lawyer.

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The Importance Of An Experienced Cruise Accident Lawyer

On the back of the cruise ship ticket, you might find some of the rules governing a cruise lawsuit. Although the print may be very tiny, it is nevertheless vitally important that people understand the kinds of restrictions this places on lawsuits.

For example, these rules typically determine in what state the passenger can sue the cruise line. Miami, Florida is a common location, so it is important to have a lawyer who is in Southern Florida and familiar with all of the local regulations.

The print on the back of the ticket acts as a binding contract, so failure to follow these rules can result in the case being dismissed or the court refusing to even hear the suit. Another common regulation has to do with the time frame in which an injured passenger must give notice that they’ve been injured and intend to sue.

Tickets will give a very specific amount time; it might be six months, or it might be a year. Local maritime law in Florida typically has a statute of limitation of one year, so it is imperative that injured passengers act quickly if they intend to seek compensation.

Also, most cruise ship companies register their vessels overseas and fly the flags of foreign countries, which means the laws of that particular country might apply on the ship. In addition, the laws of the state from which the ship departed will apply, along with international treaties and federal laws.

This makes for some complexity that requires a lot of specific knowledge and experience. The Maus Law Firm has been providing legal counsel for victim of cruise ship accidents since 1993, so we can navigate all of these complexities and seek compensation for our clients.

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