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Holiday Season Safety Tips

Holiday Season Safety Tips

The Holiday Season brings with it the joy of spending time with family and hopefully taking time off work to relax. But for many people, the Holiday Season brings a new level of stress brought on by shopping, crowds, and more traffic. A tragic reminder of the extra congestion occurred last night when an elderly man and woman crossing A1A (Ocean Boulevard) in Deerfield Beach, Florida were struck and killed by a car driving along A1A.

If you are out during rush hour traffic, please take additional safety precautions to avoid car accidents and make your Holiday Season safe and enjoyable.

1. Crossing Intersections – whether you are in a car, or on foot, and whether you have a green light or just a stop sign, make sure you look both ways – more than once. With the advent of automatic headlights, most drivers just assume their headlights are on. But one flick of the headlight switch by a valet driver, and you create a barely visible car that others won’t see at night.

2. Pedestrians & Runners – use lights when walking or running at night. Many sporting goods stores sell lights which easily fasten to your clothing to provide you higher visibility when walking when it is dark out. These lights can be set in a flashing mode which alerts cars driving by of your presence.

3. Drivers – slow down and give yourself extra time to arrive safely. We have all seen the extra traffic near the malls and popular Holiday stores. You can’t avoid it. Leave early and drive a little slower. You will be less frustrated when you arrive, and most importantly, you will arrive safely.


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Posted By: Carol Austin

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