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Should You Call a Work Accident Lawyer?


Most people don’t know how workplace injuries are handled by employers until they are injured on the job. Employers who have four or more employees are required to carry workers compensation insurance. If you’re injured at work, you may be entitled to compensation for medical care, medications, testing, and travel expenses to doctor appointments. Filing a Workers Compensation Claim Your paychecks don’t have to stop just because you were injured on the job and cannot work until you recover. Making a workers compensation claim involves filling out paperwork and getting documentation about your injury from your medical providers. In some cases, an investigation is done to determine how your accident happened and how it could have been prevented. How a Pompano Beach Accident Lawyer Can Help Making a worker’s compensation claim isn’t easy, especially if you’re trying to recover from an injury. Working with a Pompano Beach accident lawyer helps you be sure you complete all necessary paperwork and meet all applicable deadlines. Your lawyer may be able to resolve disputes that may arise between you and the insurer. Disputes with Your Workers Compensation Carrier Having a Pompano Beach work accident lawyer
on your side is highly advisable if there is some dispute with the workers compensation insurer. In many cases your lawyer can negotiate directly with the insurance company or their lawyers to reach a resolution. If necessary, your lawyer may take the case to a judge of compensation claims, but only if it appears that the situation cannot be resolved through negotiation. Getting You the Help You Need to Recover from Your Injury Employers cannot fire you or harass you for filing a worker’s compensation claim, and you have choices when it comes to your medical care after a workplace injury. Negotiating the workers compensation system can be daunting, and many workers are unaware of their rights. The insurance companies want you to think that what they offer you is all you’re entitled to, but that is not always the case. Working with an experienced work injury lawyer is your best course of action when you’re hurt on the job.

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