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The Stages Of A Personal Injury Lawsuit

The Stages Of A Personal Injury Lawsuit

A personal injury case can begin directly after an individual is hurt. Hesitating to call an experienced lawyer to help with your case can cause witnesses and other evidence to be lost with time. Witnesses, scene information and evidence of the injury are all essential for establishing a solid case and meeting the needs of the trial, should your case go to court.

What Are The Stages Of A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

1.       Consultation And Intake

When an individual contacts a personal injury attorney, the initial meeting where facts are discussed is called an intake. The attorney takes this meeting as a chance to consider the factors of the case and decide whether to represent the person as their attorney.

2.       The Complaint And Answer

A demand letter will be sent to the person responsible for the injury and a complaint document will be filed with the clerk at the appropriate courthouse. Once this has been completed, litigation can begin.

3.       Discovery

During the discovery process, information about the accident, witness testimonies and evidence is exchanged. This process can last anywhere from weeks to years depending on the case.

4.       Motions And Hearings

A number of hearing can be had to try and come to a conclusion or settlement without having to go to trial. During this process, several motions and issues with the case can be brought to the court’s attention. A motion called a summary judgment will be made at the end to help determine whether the case needs to go to trial or a settlement can be reached.

5.       Trial

The case is brought in front of either a judge or jury to help decide the outcome of compensation and verdict. This verdict can be appealed following the trial if the defendant isn’t happy with the outcome.


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