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Slip And Fall Accidents A Hazard For All Aboard Cruise Ships

Slip And Fall Accidents A Hazard For All Aboard Cruise Ships

When thinking about slip and fall accidents, thoughts of elderly and disabled are often brought to mind, but these accidents can happen to anyone aboard a cruise ship. Slip and fall accidents don’t discriminate based on age, ability or experience when on board cruise liners.

It’s not unheard of for young children to injure themselves running along the pool deck or adults to slip on the stairs that lack a railing. Even crew members who are used to the hazards, motions and activities of a cruise ship are quite often injured while out at sea.

Cruise liners have a duty to protect passengers and keep the ship in a safe condition. Keeping the boat in top shape means that repairs should be made, warnings of dangerous floor level changes or hazards should be posted and all efforts should be made to keep the boat as safe and traffic friendly as possible.

Unfortunately, accidents aboard cruise ships are still prevalent. Slip and fall accidents can occur anywhere thanks to foreign substances, tedious hallways and poorly marked raised thresholds.


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