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5 Facts That Car And Truck Drivers Should Know About Motorcyclists

5 Facts That Car And Truck Drivers Should Know About Motorcyclists

1. Due to the fact that motorcycles are smaller than the average vehicle, it may appear farther away than it looks. Expect the motorcycle in your rearview mirror to be closer than it seems.

2. Motorcyclists will often slow down by downshifting, which doesn’t activate the brake light. Keep a safe distance away when following behind motorcycles just in case the driver slows down this way.

3. Turn signals on most motorcycles don’t turn off automatically like they commonly do in more recent cars and trucks. The motorcyclist may have forgotten to deactivate their turn signal, so don’t assume that the cyclist is taking a turn just because you see the coordinating signal.

4. During warmer months more and more bikers will be on the road. Due to their smaller size, bikes can be difficult to spot, so keeping a closer eye out is a necessity.

5. The motorcycle that you see on the road isn’t just a vehicle; it’s a person. In car accidents, seatbelt use and the enclosed interior help keep the driver and passengers safe, but on a motorcycle, these precautions don’t exist, so being extra cautious can help save a life.


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