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Knowing Your Rights As A Suddenly Sick Cruise Passenger

Following several high-profile accidents, it’s certainly not unheard of for cruises to take a turn for the worst, but it doesn’t always take a major catastrophe to ruin your experience. If during your vacation on a cruise you get sick, your options for adventure are very limited, as are your options for medical care.

If you become ill while on board a cruise, your vacation might include a week secluded in your small quarters, sequestered from other passengers for the sake of their health. Most people are aware that cruise lines can stop you from initially embarking on a cruise when ill, but few are aware that if you become ill while already on board, they can sequester you into your room. If you try to sneak out and get caught, you can be offloaded at the next port.

There are doctors aboard the ship, but they are typically contract employees, independent of the cruise line. It is important to remember that their degree of care may be lesser than you are accustomed and, in an effort to avoid serious consequence or ship-wide illness, could send you to your quarters for something as simple as the common cold.

After your on board experience, receiving due compensation can be difficult. There typically won’t be any repayment, even if there is a misdiagnosis, and you will be charged for all medical care received on the ship. These situations are paramount to filing a claim and going after compensation and justice, especially if the cruise line is at fault for your illness.

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