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Injured By An Uninsured Driver Or Hurt On Someone Else’s Premises? You Need A Lawyer.

Let’s face it: You can be injured in a variety of circumstances and situations under no fault of your own. If you’re hurt in a car accident because of an uninsured driver’s negligence, or if you’re injured on someone else’s premises, you may need legal help.

Although most states require drivers to carry insurance, an alarming number of drivers have no insurance for their vehicles. Nearly 25 percent of Florida drivers carry no insurance, and the number of drivers without coverage continues to grow.

An uninsured driver who is responsible for a car accident can cause serious problems for others who may have had their vehicles damaged or have experienced an injury. If this describes you and you are located in South Florida, contact The Maus Law Firm. Since 1993, we’ve helped people with their legal needs. For a free consultation, contact us at 954-784-6310.

Getting Compensated

It is not uncommon for an uninsured driver to have limited (or no) personal assets. As a result, recovering any compensation for a victim’s pain and suffering is best left in the hands of the courts.

In addition, check with your own insurance company. If you have uninsured driver coverage, it can help cover your medical expenses and vehicle damage. Regardless of the amount of coverage you have, it is still wise to seek an experienced lawyer.

Working With A Premises Liability Lawyer

As the name implies, premises liability requires an owner of any property, whether residential or commercial, to provide a safe environment for other people on the premises. If a property owner is negligent and has not done appropriate maintenance, a hazardous situation could lead to injury. Examples of such hazards include uneven flooring surfaces, holes and wet surfaces.

Some may think slipping and falling might be a minor event; however, consider that countless people have fallen and broken their hips, backs, arms or other bones. People have even been paralyzed from falls. As a result, these accidents can create huge financial hardships for the victim including lost wages and considerable medical bills.

If you need a premises liability lawyer in Pompano Beach, contact The Maus Law Firm immediately. Call us at 954-784-6310 for a free initial consultation.


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