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5 Immediate Steps To Take When Injured Onboard A Cruise

Just like any other accident, knowing what to do after a cruise ship incident can be a tough situation. There are several actions that you can take, though, that will help in the case that compensation is needed and legal action needs to be taken.

1.       Report The Incident To Security

The security department onboard the ship should be notified so that there is written record of the accident. Do this as soon as possible after the accident so that accurate information can be remembered and put into the record.

2.       Take Pictures And Collect Evidence

Try to take photos of the scene before anything has been cleaned up or moved so that there is an accurate depiction of the area as the accident happened. If you’re not able to take pictures right after the injury, still take photos for visual reference.

3.       Get Contact Information

Gathering contact information from every person in the area who saw your accident is vital. Collect names, addresses and telephone numbers so that in the case they need to be contacted it can easily be done.

4.       Visit The Doctor

Go to the ship doctor, and get the medical attention that your injury needs, even if the injury is minor. If necessary, also feel free to visit a doctor at the next port.

5.       Be Timely In Your Pursuit

Many cruise lines place time limits on filing a claim for personal injury. Take care to seek legal advice as soon as possible following your injury.

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