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Work Accidents and How Workers’ Compensation Benefits Are Assigned

In the US, more than 4,600 people were killed on the job in 2011. Every year, around four million people are injured at work. Sometimes workers are unable to obtain proper compensation without the counsel of a labor attorney with experience in Workers’ Compensation law. At The Maus Law Firm, we help workers understand Workers’ Comp when they are hurt while at work.

Temporary Total Disability

Under Workers’ Comp law, temporary total disability (TTD) is a benefit where an injured employee receives a percentage of his or her average weekly wage until a return to work is possible. The return to work may be full time, or modified, such as where the employee cannot perform certain tasks. TTD benefits have an upper limit. Your work accident attorney can explain how TTD benefits are calculated.

Temporary Partial Disability

When a physician determines that an employee can return to work for a limited time each day, temporary partial disability (TPD) benefits are assigned. These benefits are paid until the worker reaches what a physician determines is maximum medical improvement or until he or she is able to work full time again, whichever comes first. A labor attorney with Workers’ Comp experience can help you understand the limits on TPD benefits.

Permanent Total Disability

If a worker is injured to the extent that he or she can never return to work, the permanent total disability (PTD) benefits apply. Determining PTD benefits can be complicated, particularly if an employee is unable to return to his or her former job, but is not 100% disabled. If you are seriously injured at work, speak with a work accident attorney to learn your rights and how to obtain the correct compensation.

Permanent Partial Disability

If an employee suffers a permanent partial disability, such as loss of sight in one eye or both, or loss of any limbs, she or he may qualify for permanent partial disability (PPD). Benefits are calculated differently in different jurisdictions and for different PPD injuries. Workers’ Comp law is complex, and if you have questions about your work injury, you should contact an experienced work injury lawyer like those at The Maus Law Firm for answers. Contact us today for more help. 

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