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Cruise Lines Experience Greater Media Scrutiny After Disasters

Everyone has heard about the 2012 Costa Concordia shipwreck and the problems with the Carnival Triumph that subjected a ship full of people to horrible conditions. These cases are bringing much needed attention to how cruise companies handle disasters. They’re also making more people aware of the complexities of the typical cruise accident lawsuit. At the Maus Law Firm, we have cruise injury lawsuit experience and know how cruise companies respond when challenged.

Cruise Lines Notorious for Stingy Settlement Offers

Victims of the Carnival Triumph were offered refunds, future cruise vouchers, and $500. Do you think that’s adequate for people trapped in the Gulf of Mexico on a ship with raw sewage flowing through the hallways? More than one cruise line injury lawsuit has already been filed, and more people are realizing just how good cruise companies are at deflecting responsibility.

Most Cruise Mishaps Receive No Media Coverage

Most cruise injuries are relatively minor, but cruise passengers may also be victims of assault or rape, and there have even been rare cases of passengers being murdered on shore excursions. These incidents rarely receive media coverage, and cruise companies like it that way, because it allows them to get away with shortchanging those who file a cruise accident lawsuit.

Cruise Companies Have Friends in High Places

Cruise lines lobby Congress heavily, and have had key Supreme Court decisions decided in their favor. For example, a Supreme Court victory in 1991 made it so that cruise lines can specify where an injured party has to file suit. Usually this is in Miami because so many cruise ships sail from there. This obviously discourages distant victims from pursuing claims against cruise lines.

Act Swiftly After a Cruise Injury

Suppose you’re injured while on a cruise. Document the situation thoroughly as soon as possible, while the events are fresh in your mind. Photograph the injuries and the location where they happened, and try to get contact information from any witnesses. Call a cruise line injury law firm like the Maus Law Firm as soon as your cruise is over. Winning a cruise line injury lawsuit is challenging, but it can be done with experienced legal counsel.


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