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Why It Is Important To File A Claim Within The Statute Of Limitations

For personal injury cases, it is important to pay attention to the statute of limitations in your state, which sets a strict time limit of filing personal injury claims in court.

The statute of limitations in personal injury cases varies from state to state, but all states have extremely specific guidelines to follow when it comes to filing lawsuits. Some states allow as little as one year to file, while others allow up to six years, so it is very important to know your rights and to seek legal advice that can help you navigate the laws properly.

If a lawsuit isn’t filed for personal injury until after the statute of limitations has passed, it is very likely that your claim will be dismissed. Although there are exceptions to the statute, it can be very difficult to traverse through the legal requirements that will allow an exception to be made, so the best option is to file a claim within the time limitations.

If you were injured and are thinking about filing a claim, it is important to pay attention to the date of the accident, as that is typically the starting date for the statute of limitations to begin.

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