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Liability Following Personal Injuries To Children

Children in today’s society can often spend more time under the supervision of teachers and daycare workers than with their parents. The schools and daycare facilities that look after these children are legally obligated to follow certain rules and meet requirements to keep children as safe as reasonably possible. If your child is injured while in someone else’s care, there are several factors that need to be looked at to determine whether these legal responsibilities were met and if legal steps need to be taken.

Adequate supervision one requirement, which is very loosely defined, but there are a number of factors that can help determine what level of supervision is required in different situations.

1.       Age And Experience Level

Age and experience level of your child plays a huge role in the level of supervision required. If the child is very young or it is his or her first time in a new environment or trying a new activity, supervision should be increased.

2.       Risk Exposure

The nature of the activity determines what level of supervision needs to be met. For example, a child coloring doesn’t require as much supervision as children playing kickball.

3.       Extraneous Factors

Activities outside of a controlled classroom environment heighten the possibility for incidents to occur. Field trips and sports games require added supervision, which may require additional adult care and specialized equipment.

Adequate supervision and the responsibility to keep children from harm are legally required. If your child was injured or you have questions about the laws of childcare and liability, call Maus Law Firm at 954-784-6310.


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