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Should You Hire a Cruise Injury Attorney?

Fortunately, major cruise ship disasters like the early 2012 Costa Concordia accident are rare. One reason the story received so much attention was that many people think of shipwrecks as a relic of the Titanic era. Today, major cruise ship catastrophes that destroy the entire vessel are almost unheard of. That’s the good news.

Accidents On-Board Cruises Common
The bad news is that individuals have accidents on-board cruise ships fairly often. Common injuries include slipping and tripping accidents, diving accidents, food-borne illness, and assaults. Slipping on a wet deck may not seem like much, but when you consider that many cruise passengers are retired people, those accidents may not be so minor after all.

Why Cruise Accidents are Different from other Accidents

If you are hurt in a car accident, you may have up to four years to pursue a claim. But if you’re hurt on a cruise ship, you usually only have one year from the date of the accident to file a claim. After that, you have no recourse. Cruise ship accidents are further complicated by the number of different jurisdictions that may apply.

Why Cruise Injury Lawyers Cluster in Certain Regions
South Florida and the Pacific Northwest are two regions where it’s easier to find an experienced cruise injury lawyer. That’s because cruise ship terms generally specify that lawsuits related to cruise injuries must be litigated where the cruise departs from. South Florida is the United States’ cruise capital, and many cases must be litigated here, regardless of where the victim lives.

Time is Not On Your Side

If you are injured on a cruise ship or a land excursion during a cruise, speaking with a cruise injury lawyer right away is advised. Trying to work directly with a cruise company too often means waiting while the cruise line representatives drag their feet, hoping to use up that one year statute of limitations. Your best chance of recovering compensation after a cruise accident depends on working swiftly, and an experienced cruise injury attorney knows how to deal with cruise companies to avoid missing critical deadlines and to help you obtain just compensation.

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