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Mold Causes South Florida Property Damage

The easiest way to find mold around your home is to smell for it. Mold growth even in the early stages produces an unmistakeable “musty” odor. It’s not that the smell might be mold as mold causes that smell and often you’ll experience allergy-like symptoms that go hand-in-hand. Such symptoms include but are not limited to sneezing, coughing, wheezing, itchy eyes and throat and skin irritation. All of these symptoms may be attributable to toxic mold infestation. You thought you might have allergies? You probably have mold.

Mold Causes Property Damage

In addition to creating a smelly environment and causing you to feel ill, mold is a silent cause of South Florida property damage. Toxic mold can start and multiply simply because of high humidity levels in your south florida home. The property damage to your home can be as much as a hurricane, so it pays to be aware of just what mold is and how to stop is as soon as it is detected. Doing so will minimize the repairs and replacements you will have to make to ceilings, drywall, carpets, tiles and to any furnishings where mold has taken hold. There is no easy solution for mold growth as the wall, ceiling or item where it is growing has to be removed, properly disposed of, or thrown away by a licensed mold-removal professional. You can’t just clean mold with a household cleaner or paint over it. The wall, tile or carpeting, or couch or whatever has to be thrown away. You’ll need to hire a mold inspector and if mold is detected, you’ll also have to hire a mold-removal team.

All this can be quite costly and lead one to make a claim on their homeowner’s insurance policy. If your property damage is due to mold infestation, there is a chance that the policy doesn’t cover it. You’ll need to hire a south florida attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced in suing insurance companies to collect for the property damage costs mold has caused. Our firm has handled many cases of suing insurance companies for compensation due to property damage caused by mold and all other causes. Please give The Law Firm of Joseph Maus a call today.

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