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Is a Cruise Accident Law Firm Necessary After a Cruise Injury?

Southern Florida has its share of cruise accident law firms, and there are many reasons for this. Successfully pursuing justice for people injured on cruise ships requires in-depth knowledge of state, federal, international, and maritime law as well as the intricacies of cruise ship terms and conditions. Lawsuits against cruise companies are unlike any other type of lawsuit.

What You’re Up Against
If you’re injured on a cruise vacation, you may think that being compensated will be a “slam dunk.” Unfortunately, cruise companies are extremely skilled at deflecting claims. They require that claims against the company be made within a year of the date of the accident, and that lawsuits be filed in specific places, often in southern Florida.

Why You Shouldn’t Go it Alone
If you try to work with the cruise company after an injury, you may not receive so much as an acknowledgement from them. If you do hear from them, they may ask for documentation and act as if they are interested in your case. What they are actually doing is causing you to use up the one-year statute of limitations for claims, because after that time, you have no recourse.

Is a Trial Necessary?
Cruise ships often won’t take a case seriously unless they think they might be a defendant in a lawsuit. A cruise injury law firm may have to bring suit in order to have a chance at obtaining compensation for a client. However, even if a suit is filed, a cruise ship may choose to settle any time before a case can go to trial. A good cruise injury law firm will be able to advise you on taking a settlement versus going to trial.

Why Your Regular Attorney May Not Be the Best Choice
Your regular lawyer may be highly competent, but unless he or she has experience dealing with cruise ship cases, your chances of receiving fair compensation are not good. These cases are extremely complex and rely on legal skills with areas of the law that many attorneys never have to deal with. You’re far better off hiring an attorney with specific cruise line litigation experience.

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