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How a Cruise Lawsuit Differs from Other Lawsuits

Nobody leaves for vacation anticipating an accident, but if you are going on a cruise, it is a good idea to read over the terms and conditions printed on your cruise tickets. This “fine print” spells out what you have to do to pursue any sort of claim against the cruise company if you are injured, assaulted, or sickened during your cruise. Be prepared to enjoy your cruise, but be prepared to act quickly if you are injured. If You are Injured If you are injured while on a cruise, it is very important to document the incident as thoroughly as possible. Taking photographs of the scene of the accident is highly recommended, as is writing down contact information from any witnesses to the accident. Before leaving the ship at the end of the cruise, obtain a copy of your shipboard medical record. Where You Must File Though you may not even be considering a lawsuit, it is important to realize that should it come to that, you will have to file suit in specific jurisdictions listed by the cruise terms and conditions. In the United States, many, if not most of these jurisdictions are in southern Florida due to the large number of cruises that originate there. Engaging the services of a cruise law firm is highly recommended. Statute of Limitations Generally, you have only one year after the date of an accident or injury in which to pursue your claim against a cruise line. That’s why you should contact a cruise law firm right away. If you try to make a claim against the cruise line by contacting them directly, be prepared for a slow response. Cruise lines are very good at running out the clock so that you don’t have a chance to pursue a claim in court. No Substitute for Cruise Lawsuit Experience Suits against cruise lines are notoriously complex, and involve areas of the law that most attorneys never have to deal with. Finding a cruise injury attorney

who has dealt with cruise lines before is your wisest action after you are injured on a cruise.


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