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Why a Cruise Accident Attorney is Necessary after a Cruise Injury

If you slip and fall onboard a cruise ship, you may not think it’s a big deal, and indeed, it may not be. However, cruises are a favorite type of vacation for many retired people, and a slip that a 20-year-old can brush off may be far more serious for an older adult. Even if your injury appears minor, you should document what happened and take photos of the injury and where on the ship it occurred. Many Jurisdictions May Be Involved When claims are made against a cruise line, the case is usually complicated. It may involve state law, federal law, maritime law, and even laws of other countries depending on where the ship was located when your accident occurred. Furthermore, if you were to file suit against a cruise line, you would almost certainly have to file it in southern Florida even if you don’t live there. You Do Not Have Much Time Generally, you have one year from the date of an accident onboard a cruise ship to file a claim against a cruise line. If you try to work things out with the cruise line directly, you could use up most or all of that one-year time period, and after that, if you haven’t filed a claim, you’re out of luck. Contacting a cruise accident lawyer promptly is recommended. A Trial May Not Be Necessary Cases do not always go to trial, and settlements may occur at any point between the time a suit is filed and the trial date. Having an experienced cruise lawyer on your side from the start drastically improves your chances of being fairly compensated for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering due to a cruise accident. Don’t Take Chances Because cruise lawsuits

are complex, it is essential that you hire a cruise accident attorney with experience dealing with cruise lines. Even the most talented lawyer who has not faced a cruise company may have great difficulty securing compensation for you. Don’t take chances if you’re injured on a cruise: hire a cruise accident lawyer with the right experience so you can receive the compensation you deserve.


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