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Ft Lauderdale Property Damage Attorney – Homeowner’s Insurance

Inadequate Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage.

For most of us, our homes are our biggest investment and if we live in one long enough it can become the foundation of our retirement nest egg. It makes sense to protect this investment with homeowner’s insurance in case a weather disaster occurs and you have to make repairs or replace damaged clothes, furniture and belongings. Many mortgage companies require that a homeowner carry a comprehensive homeowner’s policy as a condition of getting a loan to buy your home.

But the problem with homeowner’s insurance is that it doesn’t always cover every possible contingency for weather damages or the loss of certain possessions, and there is the potential your insurance company will deny your claim. When that happens you’ll need an experienced and knowledgeable Ft Lauderdale property damage attorney, one who knows the ins and outs of South Florida living, to sue the insurance company to pay you for your damages.

It’s important that you know exactly what your homeowner’s insurance policy will cover and what it won’t and plan accordingly. If you read your policy, your eyes will glaze over trying to interpret all the definitions, conditions and exclusions.

The most frequent types of homeowner’s property damage are fire damage, water damage, plumbing breaks and backups, wind damage, and roof water damage.  Sinkhole damage is relatively infrequent, however, smaller sinkholes caused by ground erosion are more common and can cause structural damage to a portion of your home.  Your insurance policy should also cover you for  vandalism, robbery and burglary. Call your homeowner’s insurance company representative and ask him or her to point out the specific clause in the policy he or she sold you, where each of these contingencies is spelled out. Make sure that you understand the legalese and don’t take for granted that you are covered.  And if you can’t get a straight answer out of your insurance agent or company, call the Ft Lauderdale property damage attorneys at the Maus Law Firm.

We’ve all thought at one time or another that living in Florida is like living in paradise, but like any heavily-populated urban area, South Florida has its share of crime and vandalism. South Florida has rain and wind storms almost daily as well as hurricanes from time to time. Don’t wait another day to examine your South Florida homeowner’s insurance policy to make sure that you are getting the coverage you think you are getting. If you have been recently denied a property damage claim, call our The Maus Law Firm to speak with a Ft Lauderdale property damage attorney. We’ll compare what your insurance adjuster has told you about your coverage – chances are that you have been told you’re not covered!


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