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Florida Construction Site Accidents Covered through Workers Compensation

Preventing Workers Compensation Construction Site Injuries

            Every year, the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics releases a new report on workplace injuries and deaths. In 2009, it revealed that 4,690 workers lost their lives while on the job. As might be expected, a large percentage of those deaths involved construction workers.    At least 741 workers died while either working on unstable surfaces or using dangerous equipment. Falling construction site objects accounted for 272 additional deaths in 2009.  Unfortunately, too many construction site operators ignore Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards – valuing worker productivity over safety. Furthermore, too little attention is often paid to the numerous toxic substances that workers are often exposed to on a daily basis.

A Large Number of Deaths Are Caused by Falls                                                                                       

At least 645 workers fell to their deaths while working at construction sites in 2009. Although many of these workers fell from one level to another, a number of them lost their footing while working on the same level. In 2009, government data reveals that at least 127 workers fell from their ladders. Another 54 people died that same year after falling off scaffolding.                                                                                                                                                Many of the deaths and injuries just noted might have been prevented if each of the following safety guidelines had been followed.

Safety Tips for Minimizing Construction Site Accidents

  • Workers should be provided with the best protective gear available. If you don’t think the safety helmet or gloves provided by your employer offer enough protection, consider filing a complaint with OSHA and use part of your next paycheck to buy the best gear you can afford;
  • Never start working on scaffolding without first checking its stability. Always look to see if adequate props and struts are attached to the scaffolding;
  • Ask about your designated emergency location. All construction site managers are supposed to inform their workers where they should go if an emergency starts to unfold;
  • Beware of other employees drinking alcohol or using drugs at a site. Reaction times and an individuals ability to perceive common dangers is seriously diminished by drugs and/or alcohol.
  • Avoid working a double shift. Fatigue can set in too quickly when someone performs physical labor for too many hours in a row. Falls become much more common when workers are tired;
  • Only accept assignments after being properly trained. When someone else fails to show up to work one day, you shouldn’t have to risk your life by taking over a complicated task without first receiving adequate training;

Remember to report all accidents to the company’s workers compensation insurance company.  All accidents are required to be reported within thirty (30) days of the accident occurring.  If you are injured at a construction site, also demand the employer provide a doctor to evaluate your injury immediately after the accident occurring.

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