Slip And Fall Accidents A Hazard For All Aboard Cruise Ships

Slip And Fall Accidents A Hazard For All Aboard Cruise Ships When thinking about slip and fall accidents, thoughts of elderly and disabled are often brought to mind, but these accidents can happen to anyone aboard a cruise ship. Slip and fall accidents don’t discriminate based on age, ability or experience when on board cruise […]

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6 Situations When You Should Call A Cruise Line Injury Law Firm

6 Situations When You Should Call A Cruise Line Injury Law Firm Maybe you’ve been planning your vacation for months. You found a great deal on plane tickets, booked a fabulous cruise, and now you’re ready to go. Nothing can put a damper on a trip quite like an injury. Unfortunately, cruise ship accidents are […]

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One Important Step You Need To Take Before Boarding A Cruise

With so much communication and over stimulation in advertisements about vacation packages and cruise deals, one important aspect of vacation planning that people often forget is to read the liability and legal contracts involved. Most of the information about ship liability and potential lawsuit facts are printed on the back of your ticket. When you […]

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How A Lawyer Can Help You Recover Damages For Your Slip And Fall Cruise Accident

If you are injured while aboard a cruise vacation, you must provide proof that the cruise line’s negligence was responsible for your injury in order to receive compensation. Many different injuries can happen while aboard a cruise. Unfamiliar circumstances, inexperienced crew and large crowds are a great combination for possible accidents to occur. Many cruise […]

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Knowing Your Rights As A Suddenly Sick Cruise Passenger

Following several high-profile accidents, it’s certainly not unheard of for cruises to take a turn for the worst, but it doesn’t always take a major catastrophe to ruin your experience. If during your vacation on a cruise you get sick, your options for adventure are very limited, as are your options for medical care. If […]

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What Can Go Wrong On A Cruise

Many things can go perfectly right on a cruise, and your dream vacations can be had. There are also, however, a number of things that can go wrong on a cruise. To be best prepared in the event something does go wrong, you should be aware of the following possibilities. Most Common Cruise Mishaps 1. […]

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How to Really Prepare for a Cruise

Preparing for a cruise is a fun and exciting time. Typically, you might be anxious when considering what shoes to bring or how much to pack, but such worries are superficial and quickly subside. An oft-overlooked aspect of preparing for a cruise, however, is finding an attorney to have on-call if something unfortunately goes wrong […]

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Cruise Ship Accident Lawyer Can Wade Through The Messy Legal Process

Most of the time, people enjoy their cruise vacation without any problems, except perhaps the occasional hangover or a little bit of sea sickness now and again. However, accidents do happen sometimes, and people get hurt. And sometimes it is the direct result of negligent decisions on the part of the cruise ship’s operator. When […]

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Cruise Law Firms Understand The Legal Limitations Of Cruise Line Cases

People who have been injured on cruise ships face certain obstacles and limitations when it comes to pursuing compensation. That is why it pays to have a competent and experienced legal team on their side. A cruise law firm will have the knowledge and expertise to deal with the obstacles and seek justice for their […]

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84 Passengers Fall Ill on Cruise Ship, Cause is Not Yet Known

In what has become an all-too-common occurrence on cruise ships, a sizable number of passengers aboard a ship bound for Belfast were afflicted by a gastroenteritis-type illness. The company that owns the cruise ship, Fred Olsen Cruise Lines, reported that 84 of it 763 guests were sick. As a result the ship, the Boudicca, will […]

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