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6 Situations When You Should Call A Cruise Line Injury Law Firm

6 Situations When You Should Call A Cruise Line Injury Law Firm

Maybe you’ve been planning your vacation for months. You found a great deal on plane tickets, booked a fabulous cruise, and now you’re ready to go.

Nothing can put a damper on a trip quite like an injury. Unfortunately, cruise ship accidents are fairly common; more than 8 million travelers take cruises that leave or arrive between Fort Lauderdale and the Port of Miami every single year.

1. Accidents During Excursions

Many cruises include excursions into foreign ports, and accidents can occur. Whether you injured yourself getting off the liner or you hurt yourself on a catamaran ride during your excursion, you will need a Pompano Beach watercraft accident lawyer.

2. Slip/Trip And Falls

Slip or trip and fall accidents are one of the most common types of personal injury cases. When people slip and fall, it’s not always their fault; oftentimes, negligence of the staff or crew plays a role.

3. Accidents On Docks Or Ships

Embarking or disembarking can be a dangerous task, and cruise workers should accommodate travelers accordingly. If you’ve been injured during an embarking or disembarking procedure, call us today to find out if you have a case.

4. Diving Accidents

Vacations are the perfect time to try something new, but, if you’ve never been diving before, your guide should take all necessary precautions, or an accident may occur.

5. Incidents Onboard

There are countless ways you can injure yourself onboard a cruise ship. If you believe you were hurt because of crewmembers acting negligently, you may need a Pompano Beach watercraft accident lawyer.

6. Seaborne Sickness And Other Health Issues

Every cruise ship should be equipped with a fully functioning medical staff onboard. If you became ill during your cruise and did not feel that they adequately cared for you, call us today to see if you have a case.


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