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How A Lawyer Can Help You Recover Damages For Your Slip And Fall Cruise Accident

If you are injured while aboard a cruise vacation, you must provide proof that the cruise line’s negligence was responsible for your injury in order to receive compensation.

Many different injuries can happen while aboard a cruise. Unfamiliar circumstances, inexperienced crew and large crowds are a great combination for possible accidents to occur. Many cruise ship accidents are a result of slipping and falling.

The pool deck is a very treacherous area that causes a lot of accidents and injuries to patrons aboard cruise ships. The cruise line has a responsibility to keep the pool deck reasonably safe for passengers. This includes, keeping the floor surrounding the pool as dry as possible and making sure that all equipment is up to standard.

Another area that can be particularly dangerous aboard ships are stairwells. Cruises have numerous staircases all over the ship that can vary in safety. Although you may think that your tumble down the stairs was completely accidental, some contributing factors such as: uneven stair height, lack of handrail, shallow steps or a spill on the stairs may have had a role in your injury.

A lawyer may be necessary to help in these cases to collect evidence, deal with insurance companies and negotiate with cruise corporations.

To learn more about how to be compensated for slip and fall accidents aboard cruises, call The Maus Law Firm at 954-784-6310.


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