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A Labor Lawyer Protects Your Rights

If you’re hurt on the job, you may think it’s no big deal to get workers compensation coverage for your medical treatment. But in reality, dealing with paperwork, appointments, and deadlines can be very trying, particularly if you are in pain. Working with a Fort Lauderdale work comp lawyer is often a smart move to make sure you receive all the help to which you’re entitled.

Your Top Priority is Getting Well

When you’re hurt at work, your number one priority should be getting well. That means getting the medical care you need for your injury as well as compensation for testing, medications, and transportation costs for going to doctor’s appointments. Workers compensation insurers have a business relationship with you and they protect their interests, not yours.

Negotiating with Workers Compensation Insurers

Sometimes disputes arise with workers compensation insurers. An insurer may tell an injured worker that they are providing the maximum compensation the worker is allowed. But this may not be the case. That’s why you need a Fort Lauderdale work comp lawyer on your side to negotiate on your behalf. A workers comp lawyer knows the rules inside and out and knows when an insurer is sidestepping responsibility.

Getting the Medical Care You Need

The most important outcome of the workers compensation process is your recovery and being able to go back to work. That can’t happen if you are being shortchanged or denied medical care that you need. If you go to the workers comp insurer on your own, you can bet that you will get the absolute minimum that they can get away with paying, and that may not be sufficient to cover the ongoing or long term care you need.

Working with a Fort Lauderdale Labor Lawyer is Advisable

If you get hurt at work, step one is getting medical attention. You should also report the injury to your supervisor or safety officer as soon as possible. Your next step should be contacting a labor lawyer so you can be sure that your rights are protected and that you have everything you need to get well again.

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